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Good Boating Includes Cleaning And Maintaining The Boat Too

You are a proud owner of a magnificent boat and hands down you consider it as one of your most prized possession of all times. Every time you take it out, you feel so proud that you have followed the footsteps of your father and grandfather and become a boatman. But you would agree that cleaning and maintaining the boat is one of the hardest jobs after a day of boating at the sea. Some of us often confuse the difference between cleaning and maintaining the boat. A quick glance through the tips would be of great help.

Boat Cleaning Tips

First of all, after every trip wash down your boat with fresh water to remove any salt residue that can eat away the paint in case you stay in a salt water environment. Use a soft sponge and a good quality marine soap to clean the superstructure including the seats, windshields etc. Then scrub the deck in small portions but with caution as stiff bristles can harm the boat's finish. Dry the boat completely with a soft dry cloth. Don't forget to clean the windows with a vinyl treatment solution to protect your boat's upholstery.

Being an expert boatman, Boating Tips is not what you need but any cleaning tip is a lot of help for sure. From cleaning the glass windows to taking care of the teak on the boat, from carpet cleaning to the vinyl upholstery leaning and making the metal on your boat shine like new, it is a lot of hard work. But at times, it is better to hire a professional to do the job. Like cleaning or degreasing the engine.

Boat Maintenance Tips

Always use a good quality boat wax made of both natural and synthetic substances. These are made of paraffin, carnauba and bee wax. Carnauba is the most popular as it can be buffed to give a shine. These waxes not only make the boat shinny when you take it out for boating but also help to hide the minor scratches and abrasions. But these are also heat sensitive and melt away in the sun, thereby becoming sticky and greasy and attracting more dirt. So it should be sparingly used.

Synthetic boat waxes on the other hand are easy to apply; moreover they also do not need to be buffed to a shine. They are not heat sensitive so you don't have to worry about them becoming greasy. Since these waxes are not greasy, they repel dust and dirt and keep your dear boat shiny and clean. So the next day when you take your boat out in the water, and it looks grand you will know what hard work has paid off.

While cleaning and maintaining your boat, one of the most important Boating tips to be kept in mind is that you should always be vigilant about the battery set up and safety. Check whether the accessories are wire properly through a fuse panel. Replace your impeller if required and use the proper propeller. Keep the fuel water free and allow only minimal condensation. If you have a wooden boat, protect it well while it's docked, wooden boats if maintained well, last for a decade. In winter drain well and avoid shrink wrap. Also if you have a four stroke, change the oil before winter storage. For a good health of your hull, clean it and wax it once a year.

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