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Catfish Tackle - Choosing The Best Catfishing Tackle

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Here are some basic guides for choosing the right catfish tackle:

Flathead Catfish

Targeting flathead catfish most often involves targeting the biggest of fish. Rarely will you hear or someone targeting or being successful catching huge numbers of one to three pound flathead catfish because they rarely exist in these numbers. Flathead catfish are known for their size, brute force strength and power.

A good setup for targeting flathead catfish is a heavier and longer fishing rod like a seven or eight foot e-glass fishing rod with a longer handle for fighting power. When targeting big flathead catfish you need something that enables you to hook and land the fish and there is little worry about sensitivity or having a "limber" fishing rod. In general most anglers prefer fishing rods with a medium heavy or heavy action for targeting this species.

Fishing line should be strong line that will withstand the abrasion of the timber and other habitats that flathead catfish frequent as well as being able to withstand the abrasion of the fish's mouth. Many anglers prefer braided fishing line but monofilament fishing line in twenty or thirty pound test is more than enough in most instances.

Leader line should be strong and durable, most anglers prefer forty or fifty pound test monofilament fishing line.

Many anglers targeting the catfish flathead will prefer to use a slip sinker rig for fishing so the basic tackle for making the fishing rid is fairly simple. A good strong barrel swivel, a sliding egg sinker or no roll sinker and a good sharp and durable hook are necessities for fishing for this species.

Choice of hooks will vary greatly in different angling circles but there are many hooks that will work, from the basic j-hook to the more advanced (and what some would consider more superior) circle hooks. The largest factor in choosing a hook is making sure the hook is good and sharp to penetrate the thick mouth of the flathead catfish and making sure the hook is large enough to accommodate the larger baits that are traditionally used.

When using circle hooks to target any species of fish one should assure that the hook is large enough to keep the "gap" of the circle hook open as this is what makes the circle hook effective.

Blue Catfish

The blue catfish is another species that is well known for growing to great sizes and proportions. Anglers have been known to catch blue catfish as large as 130 lbs or more with rod and reel setups. While big catfish are very common when targeting blues, excellent success can be had targeting smaller fish in the one to five pound range as well. For this reason, many anglers prefer to use catfishing rods that have a good strong backbone as well as a soft limber tip. This combination makes the rods capable of handling larger catfish as well as having the sensitivity needed to catch the smaller one to five pound blue catfish. One prime example of this style of fishing rod is long limber fishing rods designed for fishing for salmon and steelhead species of fish, often called "steelhead rods".

Much like the flathead catfish monofilament fishing line is most often preferred in the range of twenty to twenty lb test.

The same hook styles, leaders and swivels used for targeting flathead catfish can also be used for targeting the blue catfish. The only consideration should be targeting the smaller blue catfish where anglers should use smaller hooks, like a smaller circle hook or kahle style hook.

Channel Catfish

Channel catfish in most areas are not known for reaching massive sizes which creates less of a necessity for having big bulky catfish tackle and equipment. While there is always opportunity to catch bigger channel catfish most will be in the smaller range in many bodies of water.

Using a lighter rod in the six or seven foot length range with a sensitive tip is a very popular option for channel catfishing. Many anglers prefer graphite style fishing rods in medium or medium light actions for channel cats.

Lighter monofilament fishing line is generally used that ranges from one to twelve pound test.

As a general rule, lighter weight sinkers, swivels and smaller hooks can be used for targeting channel catfish. Anglers should also be cautious to assure they use the correct hook size and smaller hooks are generally preferred for channel catfishing.

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The Best Ways To Tackle Blackhead Removal

Before you start searching for blackhead removal solutions, it is important to understand that blackheads are not the same as zits. However, each has many similarities and each is also made out of sebum but they also differ in terms of their appearance and may need to be treated differently.

Zits are much brighter than blackheads. Blackheads are easy to conceal provided the right sort of makeup is used. Even so, most people are tempted to try squeezing the blackheads in order to remove them but this is not the right option. There are superior methods of getting rid of these blackheads and so it pays to know more about them.

The reason why a blackhead forms is because the glands in the skin start producing excessive amounts of oil that along with dead skin will block the glands. In doing so, this blockage causes a blackhead which however should not be removed by squeezing; instead, it is better to use thorough skin cleansing as a better removal option.

Using a lotion is a good idea but be sure to pick one that is mild and which prevents the skin from drying up. Even a good exfoliator can be tried out as it will at least help in the removal of dead skin which is a factor that causes blackheads.

Even if you manage to succeed with blackhead removal steps, there is always a risk that these blackheads will reappear later on. If they do, then you can try removing them by squeezing the very softly. It also pays to open up the pores which can be done by steaming the affected area. Once the area has been steamed you can make use of tissue (clean and soft) and remove the blocked area by giving the blackhead a very gently squeeze.

Be sure to be very gentle when squeezing the blackheads because if you do this in a harsh manner you risk depressing the blockage which will go down into the skin and give rise to fresh outbreaks of zits. It therefore pays to only gently squeeze the blackheads.

Finally, if all else fails, you can succeed with blackhead removal by turning to surgery which should be non invasive and a simple procedure. Dermabrasion is a good option and the same is the case with use of chemical peels. Another alternative solution is to make use of fat tissue and collagen filling that will also help you get rid of the blackheads.

Laser treatments are also very effective. If you need help or advice then be sure to discuss your problems with a dermatologist.

Used Fly Fishing Tackle - Save a Lot of Money on the Best Outfit

The most sophisticated and most sporting way to catch trout is with fly fishing tackle. Dry fly fishing is the ultimate and requires the most skill. Wet fly fishing is the most commonly used method and is actually fairly simple to do. Whatever method you choose you will need a complete fly fishing outfit.

To buy such an outfit new can be quite expensive if you want really good tackle. A rod, fly reel and line combo can cost several hundred dollars for high quality items. If you can,t afford this, but still want top quality fly fishing tackle, you should seriously consider buying used equipment. A good used fly fishing outfit will cost half or less the price of the same thing new. Don,t think of "used" as meaning discarded junk. Far from it. Nearly new fly fishing outfits in excellent condition are to be found if you know where to look.

A prime source is online auctions such as eBay. There you will find a daily changing list of hundreds or even thousands of fly fishing items listed for sale.I t is simple to sign up for an eBay account and you are then ready to bid on the items you have researched and found of interest.

Always read the description of the item carefully and if anything needs clarification email the seller and ask about it. Decide first on exactly what items you are looking for and the maximum amount you want to pay. Then in the last day or so of the auction watch where the bids, if any, are going. Very often these days there is no bidding till the last few hours of the sale and most bidding is concentrated in the last minute or two. This is where snipers place their bids in the hope that they will beat out other bidders. The final snipe usually takes place in the last 10 seconds.

If your bid is successful you can use PayPal to pay the seller, either with your credit card or with an Echeck which is drawn on the bank account you have registered with PayPal. When payment is completed the seller will parcel up the item and mail it to you. Your "find" will be in your hands within a week or so usually.

Take great care in picking the items you bid on. Make sure that you understand exactly what is for sale and don,t overbid in the excitement of the auction. Set your top price in advance and stick with it. You can obtain some excellent tackle, in new condition, for well under half the new price quite often. If you are buying separate rod reel and line items, make sure that the rod is of the right size and weight for the reel and that the line matches also. That,s all there is to getting a great deal on used fly fishing tackle on eBay.

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