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Solunar is a time table used by fishermen and hunters. The time table is based on a theory about the movement of fish and animals based on the position of Sun (Sol-) and Moon (-lunar).

To access Solunar in FishingMobile, tap at Solunar from the Home screen.

The Solunar screen displays information about Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset and fish daily rating etc. The FishingMobile app allows the users to view the Solunar either in calender view or in daily list view. The Solunar details are shown for the selected location. To select another or to add a new location, tap at the triangle shape shown at the bottom right corner.

With reference to the hand icons shown in above image (Solunar Screen):

  1. To set the Calender View for Solunar.
  2. To set List View for Solunar.
  3. To go to previous month Solunar details.
  4. To go to next month Solunar details.
  5. To view Best Fishing day/time information.
  6. To add a new location or change to another location.
  7. To show Solunar details for today.