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The Morse feature is a vital functionality available with the FishingMobile app during any emergency. The Morse screen can be used to flash Morse codes for communication, this functionality is only effective in the dark as the app uses light to flash the codes.

To launch the Morse code section:

  1. From Home screen, tap Toolbox
  2. Tap at the Morse button shown in the Toolbox popup.

Users can tap on the screen to flash the light to communicate using Morse code. The app allows users to use the front side LCD screen or back side LED flashlight to display the code.  If you are using a device without a flashlight in it, then the LCD screen comes in handy.

For an LCD screen, white is the default color and an option is available for the user to change color. Whenever the user exits the Morse code section, the LCD screen will reset to white as its default color.

Morse help

There is a pre-set SOS Morse code available, users can tap on it to send an SOS message during an emergency. Users can also set a custom message to transmit by pressing the arrow next to the SOS button and entering the desired message. 

Additionally, a brief and handy tutorial about Morse Code is available as help.