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Weather contributes as one of the major factors in assisting with details for the fishing experience. FishingMobile provides a dedicated weather screen for users to view the weather details for a location. The FishingMobile app allows users to add multiple locations for reference.

Weather details such as temperature, forecast, wind speed, pressure and visibility are shown in daily, weekly and hourly modes for the selected location. You can select and store multiple locations for weather details.

From the Home screen, tap the Weather button to view weather details.

Weather Screen

Weather Screen

With reference to the hand icons shown in the above image (Weather Screen):

  1. To set the Weekly View for Weather.
  2. To set the List View for Weather.
  3. To add a new location or change to another location.
  4. To view the Radar Map Layer.

Radar Map Layer

Press the Radar Map Layer icon shown at the bottom bar in the Weather screen.

With reference to the hand icons shown in the above image (Radar Map):

  1. To jump back to previous Radar Map Layer frame.
  2. To jump back to next Radar Map Layer frame.
  3. To toggle between play and pause of the animation.