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Minnesota Walleyes on Lake Winniebigoshish


Spring Walleyes are notoriously sensitive biters. Combined with the effects of rough water on the rod and reel, you want to select equipment to the light side.

As I have said before, you'll find me using a six-foot or six and a half-foot St. Croix or Berkley rod with a Shimano 1500 Symetre open-faced reel on the opener. I have had such good luck with the Shimano Symetre reel that it has been hard for me to upgrade to a more expensive reel. You can call me cheap if you want to!

The line I use depends on the roughness of the water. On a very windy day I prefer a Berkley X-T or Fire Line and on a calmer day I use a six pound test line with a little stretch to it, like a Berkley Trilene XL. If the walleyes on Lake Winnibigosh are running small, I might even switch to a four to six pound test line. A selection of jig heads, plastic twister tails or even plastic imitation minnows can be the ticket in the spring of the year. Sometimes if the walleyes are really finicky, I will use a four pound test line with just a bare red or green extra sharp hook with a two- to four-inch minnow on the end of it. I have even been known to use a slip bobber on days when you can't get a bite and, bBam!, all of a sudden you turned the bite on! It's always a feeling of accomplishment when you persevere on a bad day of fishing and bring home fish. Oh, I forgot, we never had a bad day when we were out in the boat fishing...


Lake Winnibigoshish, more commonly known as Lake Winnie, is located in North Central Minnesota, about 230 miles northwest of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. There are many reasons families and friends take trips to Lake Winnie. There are many parks, resorts, 1000's of acres of water, and you can just relax and enjoy nature. The kids are able to swim, fish, hunt, camp, hike and they may even have some once-in-a-lifetime experiences viewing wildlife. The woods surrounding the beautiful blue water of the lake are home to bear, deer, wolves, coyotes, and even a moose once in a while.


You don't have to worry about the fishing enthusiasts because they're already on the lake fishing. Most people that like to fish on Lake Winnibigoshish will spend most of the time on the water. Well, if you think that you are going to only catch one species of fish on the lake, you are dead wrong. Lake Winnie has Northerns, Muskies, Walleyes, Sauger, Crappies, Perch and even a few Bluegills. If you are unfamiliar with the area just ask some of the locals where to fish or stop by the Little Winnie Resort and they will be more than happy to help you out. You could also stop in Grand Rapids and do a little shopping and stop at the Area Information Center.