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Calling on engineers in fight against sea lice

THE Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) has asked the engineering sector to develop solutions to sea lice control.

Such solutions could complement control measures such as biological methods and medicines, and could include devices to physically remove lice from salmon, without harming the fish, or new filtration or barrier systems.

In order to promote the development of engineering based solutions suitable for commercial salmon farms, SAIC issued an open call for expressions of interest during a workshop at the National Telford Institute, at the University of Dundee today.

SAIC wants to attract businesses and researchers from related fields, from genetics to engineering, to the aquaculture sector.

Heather Jones (pictured), CEO of SAIC, said: ‘Commercially successful innovation is often the result of thinking and knowledge from one discipline switching on the lights in another.

‘The engineering sector has a valuable role to play in tackling issues in aquaculture, contributing to the sector’s commercial success, and preparing it for the future.

‘In doing so, engineering businesses and researchers could also boost their own profile, impact or revenues.’

SAIC’s call for expressions of interest is open until June 26, 2015. Funding applications must be led by an industry partner (or partners), and include at least one academic partner based at a Scottish research institute.