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Outlining the Reasons behind Tying Fishing Knots

Let us be honest; most of us assume that fishing is perhaps the easiest thing to do in order to kill time. Part of it is true no doubt, you can actually spend an entire day just fishing in the waters. But the other part is so not true. It is no way easy. The sport requires skill and intelligence. There are a lot of minute detailsthat you will have to consider if you want to be really good at it. One of these is the fishing knots. And to add insult to injury there is no one ‘wonder knot' that works in all fishing scenarios.  Thus, a fisherman must master the knots as it is essential.

There are so many knots which are used in fishing but at the same time it is not possible for someone to know them all. There are some basic knots which are generally used by most anglers and fishermen. It is not possible to learn rest of the hundred odd knots! In fishing, you need different knots because of the different types of tackles that come into play. From the fishing rods to the hooks, reels and baits and lures, all vary according to the type of fish you are looking forward o catch. It is thus logical that there would be different types of knots that will come in handy.

There are some knots which tell you how to tie a terminal tackle, or a knot that forms a fixed loop, a knot that is going to function well for a slippery line etc. Snap swivels are commonly used as they are quicker and better than ropes but by no means dependable as a rope. They are also more visible and appear completely unnatural under water and that spooks the fish you are aiming for. Thus it is better to learn how to tie fishing knots so that your chances of hooking a fish are not hampered. They are also not that difficult once you get the basics and practice well.

A question may arise as to how and where can one possible learn to tie the various fishing knots? With the advent of the internet things have become much convenient for us. For example if you visit, you will come across many knot tying videos under this link The videos also come with a short description that explains as to what exactly the knot can be used for. All you have to do is practice the knots over and over again until you can tie them with ease and confidence and you are ready to go on a fishing trip next time.

While learning to tie the fishing knots you have to think about the style of fishing that you enjoy most and that will be a key factor in deciding what types of knots you need to learn by heart. For example if you are into fly fishing you will need to know a completely different set of knots than if deep sea fishing is your forte. Yes, it is a bit daunting to have to master these apparently complicated fishing knots but more you practice, the better you will be at it. It will only enhance your chances of hooking a fish manifold and there will be no losing fish due to weak knots the next time you are out there fishing.

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Allan Simons is an expert fisherman from Australia. He is also an expert author, with various articles on fishing, fishing tackles, fishing knots and other such related topics.