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Sunset Lodge Fishing Report June 1st

Up at the NW Angle, we had some cold fronts roll through this past week bringing rain and cooler temperatures. Despite that, the fishing has still been excellent! All of our groups have limited out and are catching very good sized fish! They've reported northerns in the 36" plus 
Kevin Oswald doubled up
range and walleyes in the 25" range. Our high temps this past week were in the 50's and 60's with lows dropping into the 30's. The water temperature has risen to about 55 degrees. The cold temperatures pushed fish into deeper waters but 20-25 feet was still pretty consistent compared to last week. On our warmer, calmer days the morning and evening bite was good in shallower water. Crappies and small mouth bass are starting to move to shallower water for pre-spawn. Perch numbers are down due to their current spawn. Groups are also reporting catching Lots of bass! In the coming weeks, bring your tube jigs and get on these bass! The first week of June is always a hay day with small mouth bass. 

On the Minnesota side, there were real good reports off of the points near Brush Island and the red buoy near Brush in about 15-20 feet. There isn't much happening on the Flag Island flats yet since there were no bug hatches this week with the colder weather. There is still good fishing on the NW point of Garden Island and Little Oak is also reporting good numbers. They've had good luck with bottom bouncers and a spinner in about 15 feet of water.

On the Ontario side, the popular place to be was still the east and west side of Falcon Island. Our guests were advised not to overlook the points on the little islands adjacent to Falcon out by Monkey Rocks and they were very successful in this area.

The deer are starting to make their way out of the woods and were spotted grazing along the shore lines.

The BIG news this past week, was the BIG fish we are seeing. We've had countless fish over 25". I haven't seen that 30 incher yet...but he's coming!