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The Best Fishing Places In The World!

If you enjoy a spot of fishing but are bored with your current spots, why not think about going somewhere really special? You may as well treat yourself to the best that the world has to offer, because you work so hard all year round! Let's have a look at some of the places you should be dreaming about. Who knows, you may even get to see a few of them very soon!

Newfoundland - Canada

Apparently you can catch the most delicious fish on the planet in Newfoundland. I'm not sure if it is something in the water, but they just seem so much tastier here. Flowers river is the best spot if you are after some special mackerel and yellowtail. Over twenty varieties of fish can be caught within one square mile. Newfoundland is rightfully the best fishing spot on the planet - right now!

Victoria - Australia

It may seem like a long way to come, but 'down under' is where it is at for fishing. If you enjoy a bit of sport fishing off the boat, you should really pack your backs for Victoria. There are over 7 species of sharks available all from the same area. It has something to do with the plentiful bait fish and the really deep water combining to attract these denizens of the deep.

Puget Sound, DC, United States

Come to the heart of the Olympic mountains if you want to see how fishing was supposed to be enjoyed. As well as the breathtaking scenery you can catch some brilliant bass and excellent eels in the spectacular lake waters.

Cape Town - South Africa

One of the most exiting fishing destinations you could ever wish to visit. You will be fishing for massive tuna whilst gasping in awe at the sight of killer whales and beautiful dolphins. You can even go cage diving with the majestic great white sharks. The beaches provide a welcome backdrop for the days you just want to kick back and relax.

Montauk Point, NY, United States

North America features heavily in this fishy festival of far off places. That is because the variety of waters is second to none. In Montauk point you can test your silky skills whilst fishing off a mesmerizing glacial cliff. The mighty striped bass will be more than happy to keep you company on your NY visit.

Cabo San Lucas - Mexico

One of the most famous and beautiful sea fishing spots in the western hemisphere. The sport fishing here is so good that they hold world record competitions almost every week. If sailfish and marlin float your boat, you should head down this way- pronto amigo!

Florida Keys - United States

Although it can be fairly expensive, you should give this picturesque setting at least on trip before you die. The shark and barracuda sport fishing will stay in your memory long after the suntan has faded. Just remember to take loads of photographs because the doubters will never believe the one that got away!

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