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Fishing With Metal Lures and Poppers

It is the sheer excitement and the thrill of catching fish on surface lures that anglers keep going back to it. From the wide range of such varied lures, seasoned fishermen know what exact lure to use, in what weather conditions and what type of water, which in turn gives a very satisfactory result. How to choose the appropriate lure may seem like a challenging question to an amateur but with time and trial and error method everyone gets it right.

Poopers are perhaps the most common fishing lures, which come in various colors, shapes and sizes as well as prices. Light poppers can be used in shallow waters. The range of colors are also to be made a mentioned of. The various shapes and sizes of the poppers are made in accordance to the varied type of fish. The colors are given keeping in mind in what type of weather condition they would be used. These poppers just sit in the water to attract the attention of the fish. When you are choosing your popper lure, keep in mind what type of fish it is for, the lure needs to attract the fish with its movements, colors and close resemblance to its prey – some smaller fish.

Metallic lures or metals have been in the picture or a long time now. But with each passing year, there are new types of metal lures are being introduced by the companies only to make the entire fishing experience even better. Though the metals are quite similar at a very basic level, it is actually of different types and functions. It twists in the water and reflects the sunlight attracting a huge number of species. The ‘rolling' action of the metal lure works like magic. When retrieved at a massive speed, the lure will roll to one side, catch and reflect sunlight and then slowly roll to the other side. Another plus point of this particular type of fishing lure can also be worked long the bottom for the bottom feeding fish species.

Anglers prefer to use a combination of both the lures-changing between bright colorful poppers and shiny metals. But unless you have the best made fishing lures, it is not going t9o help. Pick your favorite popper, attach either a single hook or back-to-back singles and get on with the fishing. The single hooks not only make it easier to hook the fish but at the same time they also cause less damage to the fish if you are practicing catch and release.   

All you have to do with these top water lures is cast near the cover and let it set for several seconds. Then twitch the rod tip so that the lure works on the surface. You will know you are doing it right when there fish will be a fish biting your lure as the water surface explodes. In case the fishing is slow, a smaller popper would be a better choice. Minnows, crayfish, other living prey are the lures best suited for most fish. Keep these lures in your tackle box and be careful while handling them, the hooks are sharp.  

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Allan Simons is an an expert angler from Australia. He likes both freshwater as well as saltwater fishing. When he is not wetting his line, he writes various outdoor articles on different fishing topics to help his fellow anglers.