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Shad Fishing Lures - The Perfect Shad Imitation For Bass Fishing

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These 2 shad fishing lures (or types of fishing lures) are the main two varieties when it comes to baits that mimic shad, and is what this article is about. The "perfect" shad imitation comes from one of these to varieties of fishing lures. The number one "perfect" fishing lure is probably impossible to determine, and depends on the angler and temperament of the bass themselves, but if there is one single "perfect" shad imitation it comes form these two fishing lure varieties.

Soft Plastics - Soft plastics, especially swim baits, are very effective shad fishing lures. Typically these baits are segmented soft plastic baits with a thumping tail. Normally Swimbaits are retrieved quite fast, and then stopped from time to time to allow the bait to sink into the strike zone. There are Swimbaits that imitate shad as well as other bait fish. On most waterways the shad imitating Swimbaits are the most effective. YUM brand soft plastic shad are an effective shad imitation for bass fishing as well. These soft plastics have been impregnated with scents that smell much like a live shad, which makes them more effective than traditional soft plastics.

Crank Baits - Crank baits have been imitating shad for many years. Some of the more popular and effective shad crank baits would include the Bagley G-force and the Rapala Shad Rap. These are both great shad imitations and are quite effective for bass fishing. Typically crank baits have a lip in the front to allow the bait to 'swim' to different depths when retrieved. When it comes to shad fishing lures another effective crank bait is the KickTail minnow. This shad imitation is sort of a hybrid between a swim bait and a crank bait. In any case many crankbaits are effective shad imitations.

The bottom line is that any serious bass angler needs to have effective shad lures in their tackle bag/box. The most effective bass baits that imitate our friend the shad will come from one of the two varieties of fishing lures listed above. These two bass lure varieties will produce your own personal 'perfect' shad imitation that hopefully will serve you well for many years to come.

Fishing - What to Wear

I have no sense of fashion, and rarely can match my clothing.  I usually choose clothing based on comfort. When selecting what clothing to wear on the river, comfort is key.  Here in the mountains, the weather changes quickly.  In winter months, cold weather is a constant.  Cold temperatures are found along the rivers or low spots across the land.  Temperatures at Teton Valley Lodge along the river can be -30, while Grand Targhee Ski Resort, fifteen miles up the mountain, will be 0 at the same time of day.  
Winter fishing can be fantastic, unless you choose the wrong clothing. For winter fishing you should wear the same things you might wear skiing or snowmobiling, plus a bit extra.  One key item is fleece fingerless gloves. You must wear fingerless gloves so you have control over your line.  Fingered gloves just don't work.  The fleece gloves retain heat even when wet and dry easily.  Another great piece of clothing is the boot foot wader by Simms.  This newly redesigned wader is warm and comfortable.  Regular stocking foot waders pale in comparison.  For winter fishing nothing beats the boot foot.
Summer clothing has advanced a lot over the past few years.  It wasn't too long ago that we always wore waders or hip boots in the summer.  There just wasn't the clothing available to fish comfortably any other way. Manufacturers like Patagonia, Simms and Cloudveil, have excellent choices for the summer angler.  For most of the summer season you are able to wet wade with quick dry pants and sandals.  There are two different types of shirts made specifically for fishing.  You can select standard button-up shirts in both long and short sleeves. These are quick dry like the pants and most offer an SPF factor.  The other type of shirt is a T-shirt style of lighter weight material than the conventional button-up.  Both are quick drying and cool in hot weather.

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Flipping For Bass

The technique of pitching has largely replaced it in some quarters, but the flipping technique remains the same ultra precise, this is a deadly method of catching large bass in cover that Californians Dee Thomas and Dave Gliebe first brought East 30 years ago. This was a technique that revolutionized the sport. When the technique of flipping was introduced to the fishing world it was the most effective method ever. The fisherman learned that flipping was amazingly accurate procedure to get the big bass out of cover. It was such an outstanding weapon the fisherman from the west where the warriors in the early and mid 70s. Bass pro fisherman Roland Martin says flipping changed everything, suddenly we had a way to get a bait to big bass in some bad places.

The virtues of flipping have not changed. Bass fisherman fishing for the bigger bass always pays off when they are flipping for individual bass instead of schoolies. Individual fish are normally big fish. They'll hold on the most unusual piece of cover in the area. They stake out their own territory.

If you are going to be a serious bass fisherman, you will have to master the flipping technique, that's what the pros say. It remains a major part of bass fishing throughout the year.

The bass pros known the merits of flipping are well known. The bass pro fisherman known that technique is just isn't limited for spring and summer when bass are most likely to bury up in cover. Unless the water where you live freezes over in winter, there is an application for this close quarters fighting technique throughout the year.

Here's a look at where experienced flippers concentrate their efforts on flipping year around.

When flipping in the summer fishing main lake flip tight cover that tends to be a little bit better, especially after the spring rains where the water is still high. Also the bass pro says fishing vegetation, downed tree's and branches when the water is high after the spring rains. Many pros us the flipping technique on the thickest mats during the hottest times in the summer with a lake fork trophy tackle craw tube teamed with a 1 ounce tungsten weight and 80 pound test spiderwire braid.

During the dog days of summer the fish are in grass lines on points and main lake cover. Ounce your fishing into the fall, flipping into creek channels becomes more productive. Fishing the channels are the migration of baitfish holding on the channel, but there are always fish in channels but in late summer and early fall the channels play a huge role in finding the most productive fishing area.

Bass fishing in the fall the bass are going to be on thick grass and hydrilla and matted hyacinths. The pros are going to key on stuff, there going to be flipping on isolated patches of grass and hyacinths or hydrilla and even wood. Some of them expend most of there flipping in the backs of creeks throughout the fall.

When the pros are flipping in the winter they will fish shallow situations in muddy, highly fertile lakes, where the bass population doesn't live very deep, to surprisingly deep cover. Some of the pros will us a 1/8 to 3/16 ounce Berkley jig with a big power frog trailer to get a slow descent to entice sluggish coldwater fish.

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These fishing lures are guaranteed to improve your catch rate success

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