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Summary of "How to Fish With Plugs"Fishing Gear - Lure Basics Explained

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As a general rule of thumb if you are trying to catch a fish based on their sense of smell lures will probably not work. Lures are generally used for sport fishing from a boat but can also be used when fishing from the shore of a lake with a little caution.

They can vary from region to region or be used for different purposes. A lure is built to look like fish prey. They usually come equipped with one or more hooks depending on the lure to help you catch the fish.

You attach them at the end of your fishing line and throw them out into the water trying to get the fish to bite. When fishing from aboat you can trail them behind you to give them the appearance of a living animal in the water.

Some of the different types of lures are wobblers, jigs, spinner, plugs, spoon lures, fly lures, and worms.

Jigs can be used for almost every type of fresh water or saltwater fishing. They are made of weighted metal head and have a tail made from soft plastic, animal hair, rubber or feathers. You can also attach a minnow or some piece of meat to the end of the book.

Spoon lures are made of metal. They can be cast or trolled and look similar to bait fish. Plastic lures are thought of as bait you can be used like a plastic worm when they are cast to attract more fish. Plugs are made from wood or plastic and can be used on top of the water.

Spinners are a lure made of plastic or animal hair. They come with blades that spin around a wire shaft. The spinner baits are the lures with more than one blade that spin around a safety shaft. They have skirts made of rubber, vinyl, animal hair and other materials.

Finally let's talk about flies and poppers. These baits are primarily used for trout, panfish, and bass. Fly tying is hard to learn so the average fisherman just buys them from the local bait and tackle store.

Learning which lures work best for you will take some time through testing the many varieties that are avaliable. This will take some time and you will probably need to try them over and over to get used to each one.

Lures are an invaluable part of your fishing gear. In the end however it is strictly personal choice as to the type of lures that you chose to use.

Bass Fishing Lures - Use The Right Lure To Land Your Next Catch

In the world of bass fishing, the amateur and competitive nature of this sport has attracted a rather large following that has only continued to gain popularity over the years. In order to become a success, using fishing lures and bait is a must. Depending on the time of day or night, location, type of water, and depth - different bass fishing lures will produce better results than other selections. To become familiar with the most common and effective choices, consider the following suggestions:


Many will say that jigs - heavy, lead-headed baits with a single hook are the most useful of baits to consider - especially when fishing in waters that are somewhat murky or clear. Jigs are good for attracting inactive fish and getting the attention of those who are buried deep. When using this type of lure, keep in mind that jigs are meant to create presentation, where success comes in making them appear noticeably alive. The ideal water temperature for this bass fishing lure is below 60 degrees. They are also perfect for night-fishing.

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Rubber Worms

The hassle of dealing with real worms is eliminated when using rubber selections that work just as well. An added weight in the structure of the lure allows a slow descent to the bottom of your fishing location. When lucky, bass strike at the rubber worm. If the lure reaches the bottom without any action, simply reel it back towards the surface and let it drop once again.

Spinner Baits

The unusual shape of spinner baits are constructed with an over-sized metal attachment that spins. This lure doesn't attract fish by appealing to their hunger, but rather through agitation. Spinner baits are year-round lures that especially work well during the spawning season when bass are less desperate to feed.

Crank Baits

Through the imitation of a weak or injured fish, crank lures are used as top water and sinking lures. The added cranking noise attracts bass with its sound. A slow approach is necessary in order to successfully imitate an injured fish.


While poppers are similar to crank baits, they are set aside solely as a top water lure. As they travel across the water, a "popping" sound is emitted. The best time of year to use this lure is during the summertime, where slow reel action is required.


The smallmouth bass is especially attracted to the tiny lures known as grubs, which are geared towards larger catches. Grubs are bare jig heads with a soft-plastic body added to a hook. When a highland reservoir lacks ample cover, this lure is rather effective. Clear and deep waters are the greatest locations to use grubs, where white, yellow, salt and pepper, and smoke selections work best.

Tube Baits

When fishing in clear water or surrounded by inactive fish, tube jigs works wonders to specifically target bass. A spinning reel on a 6 to 6 ½-foot medium-light to medium action rod best accommodates this type of drop bait. Also, seek out water no deeper than 10 feet when using tube baits.

Vibrating Lures

Plastic or metal is used to create the vibrating lures that generate a tremor when retrieved out of the water. With a sound (much like a rattle), the baits sink to the bottom and do not get lost in particularly deep waters. A variety of lures are offered in this category, including tailspinners, which are heavy, compact baits of metal that uses a small spinner to attract the bass. Use vibrating lures when fishing about stumps, close to river currents, on deep channel drop-offs, and over waterlogged grass beds.

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