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Bass Fishing Rigs

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Below you will find two very effective bass fishing rigs, both of which can help any bass fisherman experience much more fishing success. The first rig, called the gang hook rig, is the best way to present live worms and other live bait as bait when fishing for bass. The second rig, called the casting bubble rig, is a way for spin fishermen to fish with an artificial fly in a very effective manner. The bottom line is that both of these rigs should be seriously considered, and should be a part of any serious bass fisherman's repertoire.

  1. The Casting Bubble Rig - Artificial flies are almost always overlooked by bass fishermen, mostly because a bass fisherman usually has no interest in learning an entirely new fishing technique like fly fishing. Well when casting bubbles are used, learning to "fly fish" isn't necessary to use an artificial fly as bait. A casting bubble rig is the perfect way for a spin fisherman to fish with an artificial fly effectively, and many times an artificial fly can be "just what the doctor ordered" on a slow bass day. As we all know bass are voracious feeders and readily feed on under (and above) water aquatic insects. The casting bubble rig is a very effective bass fishing rig that helps you fish aquatic insect imitations effectively.
  2. The Gang Hook Rig - Of the two bass fishing rigs being outlined in this article this rig is best used when using live bait (especially if that live bait is live worms). This rig is great for drift fishing in a river or attempting to catch bass under a bobber in a lake. A gang hook rig is a very simple, yet very effective rig. It involves the use of a set of gang hooks, which are attached to your line with a barrel swivel that is the same pound test as the fishing line that you are using. Whether you are fishing in the flowing waters of a river or under a bobber, the gang hook rig is an excellent live bait rig for bass fishing, especially when fishing with live bait

As I said, there is little doubt that these two bass fishing rigs should be a part of any serious bass fisherman's arsenal. If they aren't, they should be added sooner rather than later.

Best Bass Fishing Locations In Mexico

Mexico: World's Best Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing is indeed an adventure for the anglers and travelers. It gives them a lot of enjoyment and excitement as well. It is now already popular in most countries which have an endowed resource of water. Mostly, bass fishing is being done in lakes. And one of the best popular places of bass fishing in the world is in Mexico. Mexico Bass fishing is an awesome and ultimate experience because it has some of the best bass fishing in the world. By its good environment and productive resource of water, most anglers and travelers fish here. Mexican bass lakes like Huites, El Salto, Baccarac, Agua Milpa, Comedero and Guerrero can offer basses over 10 pounds on any given cast.

Because of its nature's beauty, it can never be said that it is god's gift. The sheer anticipation of a Mexico Bass fishing trip is enough to drive any angler obsessed. Crazy anglers are being encouraged for it can produce well. Mexico bass fishing can be done on the greatest black bass lakes in the world. There are four such lakes on the West coast of Mexico: Lake El Salto , Lake Agua Milpa, Lake Huites , Lake Baccarac ,Lake Comedero.

Lake El Salto produces more double-digit bass than any bass lake in the world. It is a 23,000 acre impoundment, home to some of the very best Largemouth Bass fishing in Mexico and in the world. It is located 50 miles north of the beautiful seaside resort of Mazatlan. Over a thousand of bass ranging over 10 pounds have been caught and released at this great Mexico bass fishing lake. Lake Agua Milpa, offers big numbers of quality largemouth bass. Also, Lake Huites is considered to be one of the finest waters among the rest. Thus, Lake Baccarac is an ideal hotspot for catching large mouthed bass. It is the best big bass lake in the entire world. The first fishing season was beyond most anglers' dreams and the lake has been improving every year. The lake is approximately 25 miles long and 5 miles wide. It is within among green forested mountain peaks. This is one of the best places for mexico bass fishing.

Lake Comedero is a beautiful mountain lake within the Sierra Madre Mountains 100 miles notheast of the seaside resort of Mazatlan. It has clear and cool water with thousands of hungry black bass striking almost any type of lure all year. It is the world's best bass lake for numbers of bass from 8 lbs. to 12 lbs. with some bass ranging from 12 to 15 lbs. Believe I've been there and its one of the top Mexico bass fishing lakes. The bass fishing at each lake differs because of the age of each Lake. Mostly the older lakes produce larger bass but not quite as many numbers as the newer lakes.

On the other hand, East coast of Mexico has two great Lakes for Mexico bass fishing. Lake Guerrero, producing numbers with an occasional ten-pound plus; Lake El Cuchillo, the newest Mexico bass fishing lake of them. It is located less than a hundred miles south of the Texas/Mexico border. It has been producing some very impressive catches. Mexico bass fishing is the best bass fishing in the world because of its two primary reasons.

Fly Fishing For Bass - An Easy Way To Use Flies For Bass Fishing

Anyone who spends time fishing for bass knows that bass, both large and small mouth, readily feed on insects both aquatic and flying and the most effective way to mimic an insect when fishing is by using an artificial fly. The problem with this is that to fish while using artificial flies as bait you have to use specialized "fly fishing" gear and line to cast and fish lightweight artificial flies in an effective manner. At least this is what most bass fishermen tend to think.

In this article I will explain how fly fishing for bass doesn't mean that you have to be a "fly fisherman" or use specialized gear and line. I will outline an easy way to use artificial flies for bass fishing and it only involves a few simple pieces of terminal tackle.

The first piece of terminal tackle that you will need is a casting bubble, sometimes referred to as a "fly fishing bubble". This hard plastic sphere, which looks similar to a traditional bobber, can be held under the water allowing water to enter it, which adds weight for casting. Next you will need a five to seven foot leader. While many people like to use a tapered leader, this isn't totally necessary. The important thing is that you can get your fly from five to seven feet from the bubble itself. Finally, you need a swivel to attach the leader to your line and an artificial fly of your choice.

That is all of the terminal tackle that you will need to go fly fishing for bass. The rig is set up as follows; begin by slipping the casting bubble onto your line and tying the swivel to the end of your line to act as a 'stopper'. Now add the leader to the opposite end of the swivel and tie a artificial fly onto the end of the leader. The 'stopper' on the casting bubble is depressed with your finger while holding the bubble under the water to allow water to enter the bubble. Once the desired amount of water has entered the bubble, release the 'stopper' and you are good to go. For dry (floating) flies fill the bubble half way full and to fish a fly under the water (a wet fly) completely fill the bubble with water.

At this point cast the rig into the water, allow the ripples to settle, and retrieve the fly with a slow steady motion. Obviously jerking your rod tip will add "action" to the fly, which many anglers find to be effective. The bottom line is that a casting bubble rig is the best way to go fly fishing for bass for those of us who are looking for and easy way to use flies for bass fishing without having to become a "fly fisherman" there's no doubt about it.

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