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What You Should Know About Catfishing Poles   

You've invited ten friends over to your house for couple of beers. And the one thing you can be sure of is this - no matter the topic; football, cars, beer or fishing, you're going to have ten different opinions about it.
And because you're planning a catfishing trip - it'll be all about fishing this time - the best place to find the biggest catfish, what bait to use - and most important of all, what fishing gear to take. Everyone has his own story (or stories) about the monster cat he caught up at the lake and how he landed it using the only kind of rod an expert angler would consider using - his.
Let's take a look at the different types of rods recommended for catching big catfish. As a long-time catfish angler, you already know that it's how you use the rod you have, rather than the rod itself. For the smaller catfish, you don't need anything fancier than the gear you already have. But for the bigger beasts, you need a good, sturdy pole.
Most experienced catfish anglers would agree that the Ugly Stik, introduced in the early 80's is the most popular. It's available in a wide variety of models and is one of the most durable on the market; in fact one angler decided to see just how tough it was. He took the Ugly Stik and six other kinds of fishing poles and went catfishing. The Ugly Stik was the only one to survive the beating he gave it, taking 55 pounds of stress.
Why is it called the Ugly Stik? Because it is.
It has a graphite core, wrapped in fiberglass, making it extremely strong without losing flexibility. More experienced cathunters might want some extra sensitivity, but this pole is great for the more casual angler. You can get your Ugly Stik for under $50 and they're available in different lengths. Most of them are also multi-functional for "catch and release."
Consider a spinning pole - these are generally five to eight feet long and come with spinning reels for light or heavy use. Very popular for heavier spinning use such as that big catfish you're after and its long length is perfect for drift fishing. There's an Ugly Stik spinning rod that's nine feet long and has Shakespeare's quick-taper "clear tip" design, foam grips, a graphite twistlock reel seat with rubber cushion inserts. And it comes with the manufacturer's seven year warranty. These poles can be used for casting, trolling, drift-fishing and tranquil fishing - but be aware of the various added features which can make it an expensive piece of kit.
A casting pole is a great alternative - it has a longer handle and is easier to manage when you're fighting your monster catfish because the smaller grips on other rods are inclined to get away from you during a fish-fight. Your casting rod generally has two types of reels; baitcast and spincast. You use the baitcast when you place heavier baits and need to achieve super-precise casting across long distances. But the spincast is easier to use and is a better choice for those just starting out. There's a reel seat in the rod's handle which keep those reels conveniently on top.
But hey, fellow angler - if, like me, you're going out to hunt those big, bewhiskered, trophy-sized blue beasts, then you need to take a long, close look at the new Quantum Big Cat rods. The rod action is faster than before, meaning that the tips are softer for those tip-sensitive cats like flatheads. These new Big Cat rods still have the same super strong backbone and you're more likely to haul that monster cat into your boat because that's just what they're built for. It's got those big graphite reel seats and nicely cushioned stainless steel hoods as well as the double-footed guides with aluminum oxide inserts. It's perfect for cat-hunting in strong currents and comes in three strengths - heavy, medium heavy and medium - depends on where you're planning to go for your catfish date. But as we agreed earlier, the length of the pole is the important feature when you're casting across long distances.
Whatever your plans, remember this; fishing is like romance - the next best thing to doing it, is talking about it.
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