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PINS Surf Report

Padre Island National Seashore

Conditions on the National Seashore have drastically improved over the last two weeks.  Everything from driving and fishing conditions to beach combing and bird watching has been excellent.  It is all about timing and what Mother Nature will allow you to do this time of year.

A nice break in what have seemed to be constant cold fronts rolling through south Texas, has allowed the surf to calm and the water to clear. Black drum in good numbers have been caught on the incoming tides late in the day.  A few red drum are still around but not in big numbers.   All the drum are being caught on shrimp and fish bites with white shrimp flavor working the best.  Trout are still a rarity but, and this is a first for me in the winter, they are hitting silver spoons.  Do not expect to hit the beach and catch a limit.  If you are willing to grind for them you should be rewarded with a quality fat sow trout.  Pompano are a no show right now.  Hopefully with the water clearing and a little warmer weather they will show up in their typical good numbers this winter. 

Driving is as good as it gets.  Cold fronts have forced water to the dunes, hard packed the beach and allowed for anyone interested a road to the end of Pins.  As long as the fronts continue to roll through, the driving should remain excellent.  Just make sure you know the tide schedule before heading south of the 40.  There are a few skinny spots on the beach and a high tide of more than one foot will put water over the road and to the vegetation.

With the high tides following these cold fronts, all the debris on the beach has been pushed to the edge of the dune line.  This allows for anyone interested in beach combing a terrific opportunity to find that hidden treasure without having to cover as much ground.  With the small amount of traffic on Pins this time of year, the cooler temperatures and excellent driving it is the perfect scenario for it. 

The 21st Annual Billy Sandifer Big Shell Cleanup will be here before you know it.  Please come out and support this grass roots event on Saturday, February 27!!  

Padre Island Nation Seashore Report

Padre Island Nation Seashore Report


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