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Sue Tindale receives IGFA World Record Achievement Award

Sue Tindale New Zealand is a multi-world record holding angler you see in the fishing magazines with 29 total world-records last year she was the Top Female Saltwater Angler (40 records), Top Female Fly Rod Angler (29 records) and Female Angler of the Year. She and her husband ScotTindale, who is also an avid fisherman and received the Top Male Fly Rod Angler and Top Captain/Guide.

Scot’s an executive on the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council, which led them to another role in fishing

The couple sold their security business leaving them with money enough to get out on the water and chase records. They also provide fish information to New Zealand and international marine scientists.

It’s judged on the records you have

To qualify for the records certain rules must be followed. “No one can touch me, or the main line. It’s only the trace, a short heavier length of the line, is on the rod, that someone can grab and help pull the fish up. It’s the rod, reel and line versus the fish, and the fish, you are on his turf.”

What does it take to make a good angler

Technical ability? Local knowledge? Experience? Luck? Most of what comes to an angler is through those around you that you fish with. Being willing to try new things, taking advice, and take it out there alone and go your own way. But like most who are enthusiastic in their fields of endeavor, it’s dedication.

Taking advice and using it. It’s all trial and error. I question every piece of advice and twist it and sue it and work it, or toss it out depending on the results. Sometimes you go it alone and try your own theories, and every so often you hit on something that works.

Like Hemmingway, with an ego as big as the sky, but yet he would stoop right down and learn the littlest things and give them a try. That’s humbling, maybe his ego was not so big after all.