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Fishing Tips for Catching Trout

Speckled Trout has been a very popular Inshore fish that anglers prey on during the spring and summer months along the Gulf Coast. Found in shallow waters during these times. In the winter months Trout will migrate to deeper waters and on out into the Gulf of Mexico.

In the early season fish grass flats, oyster reefs, shallow water oil rigs and in the surf along the gulf coast beaches. In the winter months fish deeper areas such as deep channel edges, natural deep bottom holes and around deeper water rigs up to 50 ft deep.

If your fishing the Gulf Shores, Alabama area during the early months of the season the Mobile Bay area offers many locations to target these trout. There are numerous natural and man-made reefs that allow you to target. These areas will hold bait fish as well as trout. I recommend going to a Walmart in the area that you plan to fish and pick up a Top Spot Fishing Map. For the Mobile Bay area in Gulf Shores Alabama this map will be the N-222 Map. Usually priced at $20.00 its well worth the cost and will give you some of the hottest spots to fish in the Gulf Shores, Alabama area. Utilize the map and the GPS coordinates and get your fish on.

While looking for areas to fish for speckled trout, look for feeding seagulls, pelicans and fish slicks on the water. The wildlife will help you target bait that these trout feed on. The fish slick will be an are of water that almost resembles an oil slick on the water. Instead of oil its the slick caused by heavy feeding from trout and other fish feeding on bait fish. Very hot spots to target and if the birds are feeding on bait, you can bet the fish are feeding as well.

When thinking of baits to use to land your trout, think of what they are feeding on. The diet of a speckled trout consist of small fish such as pogy and croakers. Also they feed on crustaceans and shrimp. I do recommend getting live baits as well as a few artificial lures and use both. Live shrimp on a popping cork, 16 to 36 inches of 15 pound fluorocarbon leader line and small bait hooks work well with live shrimp, croakers and pogy. For artificial lures I recommend the HH Lure TKO Shrimp double rig, Bomber 3.5 Saltwater LP Super Pogy or the Rapala Skitter Walk SW-8 Speckled Lure.

There are many ways to fish for the speckles trout along the gulf coast and in the Gulf Shores, Alabama and Mobile Bay area we cast and retrieve baits, bottom fish, drift fish, wade and surf fish for these trout. No mater the technique, being ready and knowing where to target these fish are very important to success. Don't hesitate to talk to local fishing guides and ask questions when it comes to getting informed on these sought after trout.