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Fresh-Water Fishing: Choosing The Perfect Fishing Rod

Before attempting fishing, investing in the best rod will give you a distinct advantage. When you go to the store and are presented with all the different options, choosing one can be a daunting task. You have to match the rod with the type of fishing you plan to do.


Rods vary from 4'6" all the way up to 15'. The rod length dictates the weight of the lure you want to cast out, the distance and the fish you want to land. The shorter the rod, the lighter and closer you are going to be casting out. You find a rod's length and action on the underside of the rod.

Action And Tip

An ultra-light action refers to rods that bend quite near the center and this goes all the way up from ultra-light, to light, medium, right up to heavy where there is hardly any bend in the rod. The heavier you go, the less give there will be in the rod and it will flex closer and closer to the tip. Get a feel for this yourself when you visit the store. Fast and Slow tips also relate to where the rod bends and by how much.

Graphite Or Fiberglass?

Graphite is stiffer and better if you want to use a live bait. Fiberglass isn't as sensitive so use fiberglass if you want to stay in one position longer.

One-Piece Or Two-Piece?

Most people prefer one-piece rods because they are stronger and better technically, but two-piece are easier to store and transport. This opens up possibilities like fishing when you are backpacking or camping as you can store the rod easily when you travel.

Foam Grips Or Cork Grips?

I find cork to be better to work with. Foam isn't as comfortable but it's cheaper and lasts longer.

What Do You Plan To Catch?

• If you are fishing for trout and smaller fish, you'll need an ultra-light to light action rod, between 4'6" to 5'6". Rods of this length and action will stand you in good stead as the weight of lure that the rod will cast will be appropriate to smaller fish. The action will make it much easier to make the types of shorter casts required for this type of fishing.

• It's easier to fish for Bass and larger fish with a medium to medium heavy action rod. An ideal length would be right around 6'6", and many best-selling rods fit this profile. This length and action will make it much easier to cast the types of lure that you'll need to successfully catch medium sized fish. The stiffer rod will help you to throw the lure out far enough without making you too tired. This will dramatically increase your chances of a happier and more successful fishing experience.

• You'll need anywhere from medium heavy to heavy action rods, 8' and over to successfully catch larger fish like catfish. The stiffness in these rods will give you the power you need to land heavy fish. It will be much easier to throw the lure out to a suitable distance with these longer rods.

I hope this helps when you are in the store to select the right rod. Really try to think about the length and the action and try to match these with the type of fishing that you are going to do.