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The new potential World’s Record Shiras moose was announced by the Pope & Young Club.

While the current World’s Record Shiras moose is 185 6/8 inches, downed in 1987 in Sheridan County, Wyoming by Mr. Richard E. Jones, Colorodan Bobby Hebert may hold the new record.

The initial entry score of Hebert’s Shiras moose “is 8 2/8 inches higher than the current World’s Record.” However, it is entered in the 30th Recorded Period, the two-year biennial recording period from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016, which means that it won’t officially hold the new World’s Record until the Pope & Young Club’s convention and awards banquet.

FB/Bobby Hebert

Though it will be subjected to Panel Judging during this time, the Pope & Young Club also seem confident that Hebert holds the new World’s Record Shiras moose. Ed Franchin, the Records Chairman, said, “What I like most is the story behind Bobby’s hunt, and how it was a true example of Fair Chase, ethical bowhunting.”

Hebert is just excited to have landed this massive Shiras moose. He told the Pope & Young Club,

“The massive bull ground with every step as he walked by me at 9 yards. I took a single step and let loose with my arrow, watching it strike home…When I returned with Mike to see my harvest, the bull was standing up…but he disappeared into some trees…I nocked another arrow, let it fly and it hit true. He ran another 35 yards and collapsed. I literally shed tears of reverence and joy, giving thanks to the Man upstairs. I am incredibly grateful to have taken part in this once-in-a-lifetime hunt.”

FB/Bobby Hebert

FB/Bobby Hebert

Congratulations, Bobby Hebert! We’ll be waiting patiently until the official record is released at the end of the year to know for certain, but it sounds like an incredible hunt regardless.

Author: Shannon Ratliff, Wide Open Spaces