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South Dakota Mountain Lion Season - 25 Harvested

The South Dakota mountain lion season is almost halfway over with less than half the quota met so far.

As of February 6, 2016, 25 mountain lions have been harvested in the Black Hills during the South Dakota mountain lion season.

The South Dakota mountain lion season operates on a quota system. The season will either end on March 31, when 60 total mountain lions are harvested, or when 40 females are taken, whichever is first.

Thus far, the largest lion to be killed was a seven year old 156 pound male in Custer county. The majority of lions being taken are two to three year olds with exceptions of both older and younger lions.

The mountain lion population in the Black Hills is believed to be around 225 lions, according to the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks.

Today there are ten western states that hold a mountain lion season in the United States. Nebraska has also recently held a mountain lion season, but closed the season after one year.

Author: Cody Assmann, Wide Open Spaces