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The Best Fish Finders In The Market - 4 Reviews

As a fishing enthusiast, you know that one size doesn't fit all. If you are looking for the best fish finder, here is a review of the best units in the market that you can go for:

1. Hummingbird Helix 7 DI GPS

It's one of the latest fish finders in the market and has many great features such as a large resolution of 800 X 480. The display is bright thus you can easily see it even in bright sunlight. To give you a fish eye's view, the unit has a down imaging technology that allows you to easily see what is beneath you. In addition to this, the unit provides a dual beam that allows it to cover a wide coverage area.

If you want high accuracy, you should use the narrow beam. If interested in seeing a large area, use the wide beam. This fish finder is great for your fishing needs but you should be prepared to part with a substantial amount of money.

2. iBobber castable Bluetooth smart fish finder

This is a high-tech fish finder that works in conjunction with your iPhone. Using this unit you will be able to scan up to 135 feet. In addition to this, you will also have access to the lunar calendar that allows you to check the weather, the wind, and temperature. You can also use the device to set up GPS hotspots where you can easily find fish.

According to the manufacturers, it comes with a rechargeable 8-hour battery and is highly portable thus you can easily move around with it.

3. Raymarine Dragonfly 5PRO

It's said to be one of the most powerful and functional fish finders in the market. It features a 5-inch high definition LED backlit display that provides you with sharp colors with different viewing angles. The dual channel sonar provides you with photo-like images of the fish. If you need storage space, the device has an SD card support that has the capability of holding plenty of images. The device also allows you to use essential maps such as rivers, coastline, and lakes.

4. Norcross Hawkeye F33P

It's the most popular fish finder under $200. While it's simple in design, it has great innovative features. For example, it has the ability to give readings of fish, weeds, and structures that are as deep as 100 feet. It's also small in size thus you can easily carry it around. In fact, you can easily fit it in your pocket or tackle box.

Its main flaw is that it doesn't draw images-it only shows an image denoting fish and other objects. Due to its simple look, it's not ideal for experienced anglers.


These are some of the best fish finders that you can go for. Regardless of the one that you settle on, ensure that you buy from a reputable company.