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We at The Online Fisherman are pretty good at what we do -- we write feature articles about fishing, write How-To's about fishing, go out and engage the public about ... yes, fishing. Oh -- and once in awhile we go fishing. But few of us do what the folks in this video do -- go fishing in Hawaii with spears. How cool.Since we can't show you our own videos just yet of us spearfishing in the volcanic state, we present this short show for your enjoyment. The paragraphs below are a warmup about a couple of the fish they spear in Hawaii -- and why.

If we could only show you one fish it would the Roi or Peacock Grouper (below). This species of grouper is invasive to the Hawaiian Islands and is known to eat over 140 reef fish per year on average!

Removal of this fish is sought after by many locals, using methods such as local spearfishing tournaments, as well as friendly challenges by spear fishermen. The Hawaii Department of Aquatic Resources (DAR) is currently looking into officially identifying these fish as an environmental threat. Until that time, we count on combined efforts of fishermen and organizations such as MSA to keep their numbers down. Fortunately, these fish are curious and may simply stare at you as you swim within range for a quick shot. 

The fish above are another invasive species known as Ta'ape (Bluestripe Snapper). While the extent to their impact on Hawaiian reefs is unknown, the giant schools, presence throughout the islands and willingness to inhabit amazing depths raises many caution flags with both commercial and recreational fisherman. Though easily spooked, they can be cornered in a cave providing an opportune moment to pull the trigger.

Watch this great video of spearfishing in Hawaii.


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