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Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Opinion: The Best Kind of Fishing

Don Hazel, the author, writes about all the different fishing he's done, and what kind of fishing he enjoys the best. 

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Submitted by moldychum

Heaven and Hell [Fly Fishing]

Cold, rainy, dark, lonely, can’t catch, A disappointing first-half video. I learned a lot in the second half. Both were good experiences. 🎣💓

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Submitted by moldychum

Is Anyone Paying Attention?

The situation on the Skeena is even grimmer than we thought. The Skeena steelhead return of 5,300 fish was only the number of fish estimated ...

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Submitted by moldychum

Sunday Toona: Madison Edition

This one goes out to all those who showed up on the Madison.

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Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Podcast: Destination Angler with Ryan Kelly

Ryan was recently on the Destination Angler podcast with Steve Haigh. They talk shop about Ryan's recent fly fishing film.

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Submitted by moldychum

Psycho Prince with Umpqua Signature tyer Mike Mercer

Join Umpqua Signature Tyer Mike Mercer as he ties and talks about the Psycho Prince.

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Submitted by moldychum

Scientists Are Running Out of Salmon to Study

There’s always the Great Lakes. For years, Steven Cooke, a biologist at Carleton University in Ottawa, has been traveling to British Columbia to research Pacific ...

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Submitted by moldychum

You Know The World Is Upside Down When…

Denver has never entered December without measurable snow. The Mile High City just broke the record for the latest date for a first snowfall, a record ...

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Submitted by Ryan Fries

No tide

Sometimes you have to disappear.

Not because something's after you but maybe because you were chasing too much after it. The world has an odd way of falling at your feet when you disown it. When you put it in its place and go back to basics — that's a good thing. And in my forty-six spins around the sun, I've always found that kind of reset to be refreshing and necessary.


A reset on priorities. Reset on goals. A way of blocking out the noise. And when it comes to fly fishing, a chance to invent a new dynamic in a well-worn, storied sport. That's inspiring.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Madison River Issue Resolved

The malfunction at Hebgen Dam that caused the Madison River to drop to alarmingly low levels - endangering an entire year-class of new trout - has been fixed.

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Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Opinion: How We Fish Matters

Understanding our impact is important if we're ever going to achieve lasting conservation goals. 

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Submitted by moldychum

Scientists Made a Plastic Mug Out of Salmon Sperm

One possible answer to the growing plastic problem could come from a weird place: salmon jizz. In a study published recently in the Journal of the American ...

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Submitted by moldychum

In the wake of floods, what’s next for salmon?

Recently released salmon eggs likely bore the brunt of our record-breaking rains here in the Pacific Northwest. But it might not all be doom and ...

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Submitted by moldychum

Orvis River Adventure – Streamer Fishing

A proper course on streamer fishing.

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Submitted by Chris Hunt

How we fish matters

I was engaged in a conversation recently about the methods used to catch trout on a fly, and I was particularly interested in how one angler — an accomplished long-rodder by all counts — espoused the virtues of keeping a low profile, using lighter tackle, small flies and miniscule tippets.


Hardy Sponsors Two Anglers on US Youth Team

Hardy Fly Fishing is showing its commitment to young anglers by sponsoring two members of the new US Youth Fly Fishing Team.

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6 Steps to Making a DIY Fishing Rod Holder

Step-by-step for building DIY fishing rod holder to prevent rod damage, stay organized, extend the life of your fishing rods using inexpensive materials

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Dam Failure Causes Fish Kill on Madison River

With water levels that low, fish were stranded outside of the Madison's main channel. In addition, redds where brown trout were spawning were left exposed, potentially killing all the fertilized eggs on those redds. 

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Submitted by moldychum

Cast From the Past: The Farlow Silver Reel From the Great Exhibitio…

The Great Exhibition of 1851, held in the Crystal Palace in London from May to October in 1851, was formally named “The Great Exhibition of ...

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Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Hybrid Coho, Chinook Salmon Found in Canada

Testing showed they were a hybrid between coho and chinook, a surprise since the two salmon don't share spawning habitat. 

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10 Best Fishing Gift Ideas for Kids

Need holiday gift ideas for kids? From magnetic fishing toys, awesome t-shirts, and fun outdoor games, these are the 10 best fishing gifts for kids.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Story: Winter Fly Fishing

This story is the latest installment in Dom Swentosky's series on fly fishing during the winter months, titled "Something's Always Gonna Hurt." 

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Submitted by Hatch Magazine

The winners: Hatch Magazine Autumn Giveaway

It's not every day we get to giveaway some of the best gear on the planet, so days like today—when we do—are good ones.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Opinion: Infrastructure Matters for Wildlife

This is an interesting piece that argues that wildlife need as much help with their infrastructure as humans need with ours. 

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Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Tying Tuesday: Yarn Shrimp

Small midge and shrimp patterns work great as we transition from the fast and furious fall fishing, into the more tranquil days of winter.

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Submitted by Jacob Friesen

5 ways my fly fishing changed after I became a guide

Last summer, I had the privilege of working as a professional trout guide. I went from fishing once or twice a month to guiding 4-6 days a week. I probably watched more eats, netted more fish, and spent more hours tying on flies in 3 months of guiding than I had in the previous 3 years. Yet, I rarely cast a fly rod. During my one off day each week, I’d often spend time on the water with a rod in my hand, but the vast majority of my “fishing” happened through a client.

Submitted by Todd Tanner

The great fly fishing divide

A troublesome divide has been growing more and more apparent in the fly fishing sphere. This shift may well stem from the unprecedented craziness we’ve all dealt with over the last year and a half. It might also spring, at least in part, from the increase in the number of fly fishers who have no experience with a spinning rod or a bait-casting rig, or the fact that so many of us engage on social media, or our burgeoning focus on species other than trout. Whatever the case, it sure seems as if a lot of anglers are wading off in opposing directions.

Submitted by Tara Lohan

Big changes are in store for your National Parks and public lands r…

Climate change is already shaking up the natural world, changing the timing of seasonal snow melts, flower blooms and animal migrations. Now a new study from researchers at Utah State University suggests that, not surprisingly, it will also change when people interact with those landscapes.

Submitted by George Daniel

4 tips for becoming a better fly caster

Fly fishing for trout isn’t rocket science, even though it seems like we try to make it so at times. If you present your fly to trout in a natural or somewhat natural manner, you stand a good chance of fooling many of them. The key to achieving that natural or somewhat natural presentation is fly casting. But the truth is, you don’t need to be a master fly caster to be a successful angler. You do, however, need to be proficient.

10 Reasons To Be Thankful Right Now

There are many reasons to be thankful, from family to fishing and seeing live events again. Here’s a list of things to be thankful for right now!

Submitted by Chris Hunt

Lodge whiskey

Does it really taste that good? Or does it just taste that good because you’re drinking it at the fishing lodge? It might be one of those impossible-to-answer questions.

My girlfriend would have everyone believe that bacon fried on a griddle outside the camper in the middle of nowhere somehow tastes better than bacon fried up at home on the stovetop. Same for hashbrowns and sausage. And anything cooked in a Dutch oven, of course.

Thanksgiving Turkey Alternatives: Potato Encrusted Tripletail

Step-by-step fall fish recipe for preparing Florida tripletail. Try one of the tastiest fall fish dinner recipes with this list of ingredients, instructions

Submitted by Ben Kryzinski

How to be a better stripper

On a guided float in Wyoming some time ago — and I think it’s a great idea for every angler, regardless of skill level or angling proficiency, to take a guided trip now and then — I got a great tip that has paid dividends ever since, no matter where I’ve stripped flies or what fish I’ve chased.

After the third hit-and-run on my streamer from a big Salt River brown, I was frustrated. The fish were into my fly pattern, but I just couldn’t hook up.

Submitted by Todd Tanner

Buying your next fly rod

Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a fair amount about the way hunters fixate on rifles. I’m not really a gun aficionado — it doesn’t matter to me whether my rifle has an embedded stock or a free-floated barrel, or whether a .280 shoots a little flatter than a .270 — but I’m fascinated by the fact that so many hunters focus on all the tiny details that go into a functional firearm. After all, a gun is just a tool — and last I checked, the majority of hunters are neither engineers nor tool-makers.

A Primer on the American Eel and Freshwater Eel Fishing Bait

The American eel is a unique species of fish, and not entirely loved; these facts about eels and  freshwater eel fishing bait will help you catch them

6 Fun Cheap Family Activities

Check out these 6 cheap family activities that’ll make your fall weekends fun and prove that having fun doesn’t need to cost a lot of money!

How to Name a Boat: Tips for Mindful Monikers

List of important tips on how to name a boat, what first-time boat owners should consider when naming a boat to last through the years, boat name suggestions

3 Advanced Fly Fishing Tips

Fly fishing is an advanced form of fishing that requires a little bit more skill. Here are 3 advanced fly fishing tips which push the technique even further.

11 Tips to Help You Sell a Boat Online

Are you looking to sell a boat? Selling your boat online might be a good option for you! Here are some things you need to know before selling a boat online.

Fishing Tackle Storage Ideas for Freshwater Anglers

Find a list of five easy fishing tackle storage ideas that you can try today. How to store fishing tackle for fast re-rigging, organization and how to catch more fish

How Does Drone Fishing Work?

Drone fishing might help you reach beyond casting distance. Read what youu need to know about drone fishing so you can try it on your next fishing outing!

Cómo, cuándo y dónde poner las plomadas en la línea de pesca

Entre los aparejos imprescindibles que debes guardar en tu caja de pesca se encuentran las plomadas. Aprende más acerca de su uso e importancia en este post.

Fall Camping Checklist: What To Pack for Autumn Camping

Here’s the ultimate fall camping checklist: What To Pack for Autumn Camping. Everything you need to stay warm & have fun fall camping with kids!

How to Find the Best Women’s Fly Fishing Gear

Tips for finding women’s fly fishing gear for comfort, practicality. How to find quality women’s fishing gear that fits, what to know when making a purchase

aprende cómo registrar un barco sin título

¿Encontraste el barco ideal a un precio de ensueño, pero no tiene documentación? ¡No te desesperes! Aprende con nosotros cómo registrar un barco sin título.

Best Fishing Lakes in Glacier National Park

You’ll need plenty of time and an adventurous spirit to find the best fishing lakes in Glacier National Park, but several trout species, plus other fish, await

Fall Fishing Lake Erie: Tips for Catching Walleye

List of walleye tips for fall fishing Lake Erie, Lake Erie fall fishing spots for walleye, which types of baits or lures to use during the autumn months

5 Reasons Why Fishing is Good for Your Health

List of reasons why fishing is good for your health, including why fishing is good for your mental health, learn more about health benefits of the outdoors

Small Waters Are Great for Belly Boat Fly Fishing

Explanations, angling tips, caveats: here’s the lowdown on what belly boat fly fishing - indeed, any kind of float tube fishing - is all about

3 Characteristics of the Best Pond Fishing Boats

Ponds are great places to fish but some areas may be inaccessible from shore. Here’s how to determine the best pond fishing boats.

5 Outdoor Activities for Mental Health Day 2021

From the benefits of fishing for mental health to the need for self-care, here are 5 ways to focus on you during World Mental Health Day 2021.

How Game Fish Tagging Programs Work

How game fish tagging programs work, what is fish tagging, ways a fish tagging kit helps with management of game fish, game fish tracking, conservation

3 Species for Fall Fishing in Minnesota

Many fish will bite all year,but fall fishing in Minnesota can be outstanding for three specific species. Learn more about what makes fall fishing in Minnesota so great!

4 Outdoor Fall Leaf Activities for Kids

Fall colors undeniably beautiful and they provide outdoor activities for kids too! These leaf activities will make autumn weekends even more fun!

Celebrar el Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Si deseas celebrar el Mes de la Herencia Hispana este año, el agua ofrece muchas oportunidades para rendir homenaje a la cultura hispana. Averigua cómo.

How to Choose the Best Boating Apps

How to choose best boating apps for navigation, trip planning, weather alerts, best fishing times. Selecting digital apps for your adventures on the water

National Hunting and Fishing Day

Why National Hunting and Fishing Day was created, how it’s celebrated, and how anglers contribute to fisheries management and conservation programs

5 Best National Parks To Visit in the Fall

Fall foliage reaches new heights when you peep autumn’s vibrant colors in national parks. Here are the 5 best national parks to visit in the fall!

5 Tips for Attending Fall 2021 Boat Shows

List of tips for attending fall 2021 boat shows. Learn how to plan smarter, stay safer, think ahead, and make the most of your experiences at fall boat shows

3 of the Best Fishing Tips for Bass

Late summer is a great time to catch bass if you know where to look. Here’s where you should go to catch bass and which are the best times to head to the water for a successful day.

11 Expert Tips for Freshwater Kayak Fishing Success

From what to do before and just after launching to what to do on the water, here are a dozen practical freshwater kayak fishing practices you’ll want to adopt

Boat Maintenance Basics: Boat Battery Types

Summary of boat battery types, including best boat battery for starting an engine or running electrical loads, including description of different marine battery chemistries

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

If you’re looking to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month this year, the water offers plenty of opportunities to pay tribute to the Hispanic culture. Find out how. 

The Zodiac Signs as Fish

Ever wondered what fish you would be based on your zodiac sign? Wonder no more.

Empieza a pescar por menos de $50

Si te interesa la pesca, pero te preocupa que pueda ser un deporte costoso, ¡no temas! Descubre cómo el costo para comenzar a pescar puede ser menos de $50. 

6 Ways To Spend A Weekend in Nature

From boosting immune systems to reducing stress, there are health benefits of nature! Here are 6 things to do outside on a nature weekend getaway.

What’s The Hardest Fish To Catch?

Why the blue marlin is considered the hardest fish to catch, trolling techniques for the toughest fish to catch, how to land the hardest saltwater fish to catch

Choosing the Best Fishing Reels for Saltwater

There are a variety of styles and models of saltwater fishing reels. Here’s how to decide which is right for you.

How to choose the best rain gear for any fishing condition

Learn all about the best rain gear for fishing and wet weather. If you don't like getting wet while fishing, there's options for you! 

Best Cheap Fishing Trips for End of Summer

Ideas for planning cheap fishing trips before the end of summer. List of best cheap fishing trips that are affordable, fun ways to spend time together outdoors

5 Best Boat Towables for End of Summer Family Fun

Before summer’s over, get out on the water for epic end of season fun with these best boat towables, inflatable tubes and water sport towables.

Interested in Saltwater Fly Fishing? Here’s An Overview

If you’re wondering whether you can fly fish in saltwater, this practical look at saltwater fly fishing opportunities explains the differences and challenges

Kayak Fishing: 5 Advantages and Benefits You Will Enjoy

Becoming fully immersed in nature and accessing remote areas are just 2 of the 5 benefits of kayak fishing. These benefits and advantages apply to both saltwater and freshwater kayaking.

A Few Tips on How to Drive a Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats are versatile and fun. The perfect boat for a relaxing stroll with the family and a great fishing day. Here are some tips on learning to driving one.

How To Locate Places for Boat Access Near Me

There’s a number of sources with varying levels of detail about boat access places near me; the following information will help you sort them out

10 Things You Need on a Boat

List of 10 things you need on a boat, which includes standard boating must-haves for any boat type, important things to have on board for boating safety

30 Cheap Outdoor Summer Activities

From ideas for toddlers to tweens that won’t cost you a penny, here are 30 Cheap Outdoor Summer Activities to keep your kids happy and busy!

4 Important Tips for Safe Banana Boating

Tips on how to stay safe when banana boating with your family this summer, what to know about safety before riding on a banana boat or inflatable water sled.

3 Reasons to Try Fishing in the Great Lakes

These lakes are “great” not just because of their sizes. Here’s why fishing in the Great Lakes can be an awesome experience for all types of anglers, from beginners to experts.

Pesca marítima para principiantes

Si quieres aprender a pescar y no sabes cómo comenzar, estos consejos de pesca marítima para principiantes te guiarán a emprender tu próxima aventura.

Go Out{side} and Start Your Story

There’s a reason why so many people love the outdoors. They simply started with fishing, camping, hiking, swimming or any other activity and nature’s beauty did the rest. The outdoors is for everyone, and your story is about to begin.

How to Hold a Fish That You Plan to Release

List of helpful guidelines on how to hold a fish, how to handle fish in ways that significantly increase catch and release survival rates, minimize stress

5 Summer Trout Fishing Tips for Beginners

List of summer trout fishing tips for beginners, including places to fish, what to look for, lures to use for summer trout fishing.

World Nature Conservation Day: Ways to Participate

Examples of ways you can make positive changes while fishing to help ensure the health of our water natural resources in honor of World Nature Conservation Day.

How to Find Out About Urban Fishing Lakes Near Me

Shows, clubs, agencies, shops, and other places are among the info sources that can identify urban fishing lakes near me, leading to fishing opportunities.

Personal Flotation Device Types: Choosing the Right PFD

Learn which personal flotation device types to use for specific boating situations, follow US Coast Guard life jacket requirements, stay safe on the water

4 Reasons to Try Spillway Fishing

Spillways offer a unique fishing opportunity. Here’s why you should give spillway fishing a try in your next outing, how to find spillways near you, and more. 

5 pasos para transferir el registro del barco o el documento de tít…

Parte importante de aprender a navegar, es tener la documentación de registro del título de barco necesaria. Aprenda cómo transferir el registro de su barco recién comprado.

A Guide to Boat Registration Numbers and Letters

What to know about state boat registration numbers, where and how they must be placed, where to purchase adhesive numbers, and how to remove and apply them

5 Budget-Friendly Outdoor Hobbies to Try This Summer

List of five outdoor hobbies that are budget-friendly, family-friendly, give you the opportunity to build on your outdoor recreation skills.

3 Reasons to Try Conesus Lake Fishing

Here are a few reasons to consider fishing in Conesus Lake this summer, one of New York’s Finger Lakes. Add it to your summer fishing bucket list! 

Safe Outdoor Activities for Recreating Responsibly

List of safe outdoor activities for recreating responsibly. Explore local natural gems by keeping outdoor safety in mind when fishing, hiking, boating

Three Last Minute 4th of July Weekend Getaways

Whether you’re looking for summer fishing trips or fun things to do on weekends, here are three perfect last minute 4th of July weekend getaways.

Freshwater Fishing in South Carolina’s Largest Reservoirs

Several species of bass and catfish, plus crappie, bream, stripers, and more are prime attractions for freshwater fishing in South Carolina’s largest reservoirs

Top 10 Fishing Lakes in the US

top 10 fishing lakes in the us, best fishing lakes in the us, best fishing lakes, best lakes to fish, best bass fishing lakes, lake fishing, freshwater fishing

S.A.F.E: 4 Safe Boating Tips

Here are several safe boating tips to ensure time on the water remains fun, relaxing, and safe. Boating safely it is super important, read more here!

How to Plan Fun Weekend Trips This Summer

With National Go Fishing Day and Father’s Day, June is ripe for fun weekend trips! Here’s how to plan fun family weekend getaways this summer.

How to Organize a Tackle Box

How to organize a tackle box based on the species you target, techniques you use. Easy steps for organizing different baits, soft plastics, fishing tools, line

Tips for purchasing your first boat

What is summer without boating? If you are interested in purchasing a boat, look no further! Here are some considerations to think before buying a boat.

Consejos para tu aventura de pesca deportiva en barco

Si tienes planeado navegar este fin de semana, quizá deberías lanzar una caña de pescar y atrapar tu cena en el proceso. Disfruta estos consejos de pesca deportiva o recreacional.