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Trapper Tackle Hooks

Are you tired of fish throwing your hook or shaking off right before you net them? Yeah so was I until I came upon a hook I had never seen before a hook that looked odd yet unique.

I came upon these hooks through a giveaway that dealt with the Super Bowl in which you had to guess the winning team and score when I found out I had won I was excited to say the least. 
 I finally received my package from the giveaway and low and behold I set my eyes on the most beautiful hooks I'd ever seen Trapper Tackle Hooks the Trapper Tackle hooks look odd but very unique something the likes of the fishing world had not yet seen. These hooks were created by Owner Larry Davidson and his passion and creativeness, with the drive to create a hook the fish had a harder time getting off of. Here we are today Trapper tackle is alive and running full steam ahead with Two Best in show awards at the biggest tackle show in America ICAST. Trapper tackle has won Best in show two years running most notably this year for their award winning Trapper treble hooks. These hooks form a U shape at the bottom of the hook or what I like to call " the trap". This Design is made so that the hook essentially locks the fishes lip into place in "The Trap" with the premonition the fish is Trapped and can't throw the hook. wait until you feast your eyes on this High Grade steel made hook I promise you won't want to fish with anything else your tackle box will be full of nothing but the best hooks out there the Trapper Tackle hooks. Trapper tackle makes almost any hook you can think of Treble hooks,Worm hooks,Dropshot/livebait hooks, even jig hooks. You can check these hooks out at and on Facebook and Instagram at Trapper Tackle you're hook up ratio and landing ratio will improve. As always thanks for reading your comments are greatly appreciate 

Nathan Reno

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About Nathan Reno

Nathan Reno is the Promotional Director at Tennessee fishing association and also a Pro staff at Zipper Worm Company.

According to Nathan, "I let nothing stand in my way of my goals dreams passions and living life to the fullest extent possible. I am currently chasing my lifelong dream to become a professional bass fisherman. When I was 11 years old I killed and still have the record for the 5th largest Corsican Ram in Texas history. I believe solely and truly I am here on this earth to prove that nothing is impossible if you put your mind body heart and soul into it and work for it you can achieve anything!"


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