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About Us

FishingMobile is a mobile and online resource for fishing enthusiasts and for management of the natural environment. Whether you're an amateur or a professional, FishingMobile provides the ultimate combination of tools to enhance your fishing experience and expand your connection to the world of fishing – both on and off the water.

When you join FishingMobile, you become part of a community where you can share your latest catches, your favorite fish tales and your personal tips while benefitting from the methods and tricks that other anglers have learned, developed and perfected over their years on the water.

FishingMobile is owned and developed by Fishing Mobile Foundation Inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The Fishing Mobile Foundation (FMF) is a national, non-profit organization that has been leading the drive for over 10 years – to increase participation in recreational boating and fishing, thereby helping to conserve and restore our country’s aquatic natural resources.

Now you can log fish from anywhere with our easy to use mobile application. Our customizable Log Fish function helps you to create a detailed record with automatic Date / Time, GPS Location, and weather conditions, of every catch. Select from 1140 saltwater and freshwater species organized by region, create detailed customized riggings, lures/baits, and attach images and video. There's no better way to keep up-to-date logs in the world of fishing.

We also give you valuable angling tools such as:

  • Solunar
  • Tidal Charts (tides from over 7000 locations)
  • Advanced Weather reporting, including a radar map, forecasts, & incident reporting
  • Mapping functionality
  • Tracking / Create Routes
  • Strike Marker / Create Waypoints
  • Trolling Speed Calculator
  • Powerful Flashlight
  • S.O.S. / Morse Code
  • Compass
  • Complete illustrations for Riggings (rigs) and Knots
  • Audio Notes
  • Social Media – share your Fish Logs to Facebook and Twitter
  • Over 100 articles for anglers
  • and more

Nowhere else can you find all of these features in a single, user-friendly app.

It's not just about features though: our apps have been carefully designed for real-world usage, with high-contrast interfaces to reduce the impact of glare when you're outdoors.

Available free for iPhone, iPad, and Android, FishingMobile is truly the fishing tool you cannot afford to be without.

Want to know how it works & what it looks like? We have a series of articles for you (also available within the app).

  • Mobile Apps
  • Why does the app update stuff each time I load it up?

    This is so we can quickly distribute updated data to all our users, and also keep things in sync if you have multiple devices or make changes via the website.

  • What if I'm out of communication range?

    As long as you have logged in once with 'Remember me', the app will automatically let you log in without an Internet connection.
    You can log fish offline. Once you have a connection again touch the "^" button in the bottom-right of the main screen and select "Synchronize with server". This will then put all your logs up online. Certain features do require an Internet connection to download data on-demand, such as the Locations map, and the various weather features.

  • Why is my location not auto-detected?

    To get a GPS location you need a direct-sky-view to 3 or 4 GPS satellites, and it can take around a minute to get a fix. It might not work at all from being inside or near a window.
    That said, we can usually detect location via your wi-fi network or cellphone towers.
    More information is in our documentation.

  • Will all the website features make it into the app?

    The website has a few features that currently are not in the app like events or shows. However we hope to expand this directly into the apps in the future.

  • How do I remove advertising?

    Sorry folks, we do need to make income for development/hosting/support. We do try to keep the adverts relevant to you and to make sure you aren't taken away when accidentally tapping them. We are considering having a pro version in the future that also would be ads-free, but we don't have this yet.

  • Do you plan to support Windows Phone, Firefox OS, Tizen, or BlackBerry OS?

    We don't have any plans at this time, but we are open to supporting more platforms if there is a high demand on them.

  • Android-only
  • What versions of Android are supported?

    We're currently supported Android 2.3+. Android 2.3 is very old now, but we want to support a wide range of devices.

  • Why are all the different permissions required?

    The way mobile app packaging works is that we have to declare in advance what permissions will be needed by any part of the app, so for a feature-rich app like FishingMobile it can be quite a lot.

    Expand: Here is a run down of the permissions needed Here is a run down of the permissions needed

    We can certainly understand the point of the user regarding privacy. Camera/audio/location/personal-details could all be very sensitive. One nice thing about Android is that if we were doing anything naughty, it is possible for third-party programmers to analyze what apps are doing in their code – so we'd get caught out sooner or later if we were abusing permissions. We stick to our written privacy policy as well as a strict sense of personal ethics. Google have introduced support for requesting permissions only when needed in 2015, but we can only support this when we drop support for older Android versions.
  • iOS-only (iPhone/iPad)
  • What versions of iOS are supported?

    We're currently supported iOS 6+.

  • Website
  • Can I log in to the website using the details I registered with on the mobile app?

    Yes, you should: it's all one account.

  • Miscellaneous
  • What countries are supported?

    The app can be used anywhere as most of our features are either regionally independent or support worldwide locations. Currently the app is only available in English. Our fish database is world-wide. We support all the most common measurement/temperature/speed units (check the app settings). We support many tide stations from all over the world. We support world-wide weather. The adverts we include are mostly USA-focused, but we plan to improve this over time.

  • How do I customize my social sharing?

    In the app settings you'll find you can specify what fields get included in your shares, should you wish to protect some of your hard-found secrets.

  • What will you do with my personal data?

    Your fish logs are protected by security controls, unless you choose to share them. We do not share the personal data of our individual users with third-parties without permission. Our business model is not to share personal data – we make our income from sponsorships and promotions. We are privately funded and operated. We respect your privacy, and certainly embrace that anglers want to keep some secrets about personal fishing holes and techniques. We are founded by anglers, for anglers.

  • You're working on even more stuff for us right?

    Yes, we are :).

The FishingMobile website provides:

  • The latest fishing news
  • A wealth of information on angling (over 500 articles)
  • Social networking for you to share your experiences and learn from others (including a community forum)
  • Desktop management of your Fish Log (“My Fishing Hole”)
  • Display of your waypoints and routes set in the app
  • Powerful weather tools including:
    • Weather forecasts
    • Solunar
    • Tidal Charts
    • Weather Advisories
    • Weather Records
  • Surface maps of US water-ways
  • Rigging and knot diagrams
  • Great videos and photos
  • Episode guides for great angling TV shows
  • Links to relevant angling resources
  • An events calendar (for tournaments, or other angling events)
  • Much more is in the pipeline is the perfect place to learn about angling and to share your passion with the wider community.