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Building Confidence Through Fly Fishing

The enjoyment you will receive from fly fishing far outweighs the struggles you endure on your journey to learn. Building confidence in this sport can translate to overall improvement of self-esteem.

Submitted by Hatch Magazine

Scientific anglers debuts all-new Magnitude clear fly lines

Clear fly lines have been a subject of debate for about as long as they’ve been around. Some anglers swear by their stealthiness, claiming they provide a serious advantage when pursuing wary flats species like bonefish, permit, and tarpon. Others claim they are overkill or otherwise unnecessary. One thing that most anglers have long agreed on when it comes to clear fly lines is that they come with some significant tradeoffs.

5 Fantastic Places to Go Winter Ice Fishing in Alaska

Places to go winter ice fishing in Alaska. Best spots in south central Alaska for ice fishing, top family ice fishing spots in Alaska, ice fishing for trout

4 Green Technologies in Boating for Environmental Sustainability

Summary of green technologies in boating, how to make sustainable boating decisions about hull design, outboard engines, bottom paint, cleaning products

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

The Wild Trout Debate

It is time to stop palpitating over which trout belong where and start ensuring functional rivers have the resiliency needed to withstand a climate that’s not going to get any friendlier to coldwater fish.

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Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Orvis Podcast: California’s Diverse Wild Trout Populations

Tom Rosenbauer chats with Charlie Schneider, of CalTrout, about the diverse trout populations in California.

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Fly Fusion Announces Trout Film Tour

This tour features trout-focused films from the likes of Gilbert Rowley, Phil Tuttle, The Braker Bros, Todd Moen, RA Beattie and Fly Fusion Films.

The post Fly Fusion Announces Trout Film Tour appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by Ted Williams

Lead bullets poison wildlife and people

“Until they reach the gizzard where the wildfowl grinds his food, these [lead] pellets do no harm, but, when reduced to powder…they become a violent poison.” That timely warning issued from Forest and Stream editor George Bird Grinnell 129 years ago.

Battling Big Fish

With some preparation and implementation of technique, you can battle and land large trophy fish on a fly rod.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Grundens Launches 2 New Waders

Grundens has their new spring line out, but of particular note to fly anglers are the two new waders the company has released.

The post Grundens Launches 2 New Waders appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

How A Cuban Exile Changed Fly Fishing

If you're not familiar with Chico Fernandez, then you can't miss this recent story from T. Edward Nickens in Garden & Gun.

The post How A Cuban Exile Changed Fly Fishing appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by Chris Hunt

Have we taken our love for native trout too far?

It’s possible we’ve taken our passion for native trout a bit too far. Not that North America’s native fish should be held in disdain. Far from it.

In putting the notion of Manifest Destiny into practice — first by identifying it as the inevitable future for European Americans in the mid-1800s and then by actively pursuing it as an ideal — our predecessors doomed more than just the Indigenous people of our continent.

The Joy of Beachcombing

Beachcombing is one of life’s simple pleasures, but what is beachcombing and how do you get started finding treasures along the seashore?

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

How to Choose the Right Popper Fly

And if your fishing revolves around bass, then you need to read this recent story from Joe Cermele over at Field & Stream.

The post How to Choose the Right Popper Fly appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by Hatch Magazine

28 million acres of Alaska public lands at risk of losing protections

In Alaska, 28 million acres encompassing some of the state’s wildest and most remote swaths of public lands are at risk of losing protections which have kept them safe from extractive development for over half a century.

Submitted by Johnny Sain

Tying Tuesday: The Easy Yellerhammer Nymph

In this week's Tying Tuesday, Matt O'Neal of Savage Flies ties the Easy Yellerhammer Nymph. This is an old pattern that's likely been fished by Smoky Mountain fly anglers in some variation since the mid-1800s.

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How to Dig for Razor Clams: 5 Key Tips for Beginners

List of tips on how to dig for razor clams in the Pacific Northwest, important info for beginners who are planning a clamming trip in Washington, Oregon.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Bloomberg’s Take on Orvis Helios

Stock's argument seems to be that the $1,098 Helios is somehow a lure to keep anglers in the sport.

The post Bloomberg’s Take on Orvis Helios appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

What Do You Have Against Euro Nymphing?

In his latest Q&A article, Dom Swentosky addresses a question from a reader who thinks that Dom doesn't like Euro nymphing.

The post What Do You Have Against Euro Nymphing? appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Orvis Podcast: Secrets of Small-Stream Trout Fishing

On the most recent episode of the Orvis podcast, Tom Rosenbauer interviewed fly fishing guide Charity Rutter.

The post Orvis Podcast: Secrets of Small-Stream Trout Fishing appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by Hatch Magazine

New fly fishing 'Essential Skills' class announced

The School of Trout is known for providing in-depth and immersive fly fishing instruction — including its Basic Trout, Spring Creek, Dry Fly, and comprehensive Tao of Trout class — taught by some of the world’s finest and most accomplished fly fishing instructors. These classes, each offered over the course of a week, offer students a healthy mix of classroom and hands-on learning.

Now’s the Time for Your Boat Safety Equipment Inspection

How to accomplish a thorough boat safety equipment inspection, and also have a certified examiner conduct one, at the beginning of the boating season

Submitted by Chris Hunt

Orvis intros 4th generation Helios fly rods

Orvis is backing the launch of its next-generation Helios fly rod with some confident claims. But, judging by the initial information the Vermont-based rodmaker is sharing with the launch of its latest U.S.-made flagship rod series, along with our initial impressions of the new Helios’ performance on the water, those claims may not be mere marketing bluster.

4 Ways to Help with Columbia River Environmental Protection

Summary of ways to help with Columbia River environmental protection efforts, find conservation organizations for positive change in the Pacific Northwest

Submitted by Chris Hunt

Automakers keep glorifying bad behavior

Over the years, I’ve prepared myself for the inevitable. It happens almost every year around this time, and it’s a bad look for automakers who, despite certainly knowing better, continue to glorify a driving practice that should make every fly fisher cringe.

Be prepared for the next round of kitschy television advertisements that show just how capable new SUVs are of trashing perfectly good trout water. The latest culprit? Kia America and its ad for its EV9 GT-Line e-AWD crossover.

Yellow Perch Fishing Winter Tips

Yellow perch are a popular winter target species, especially in the northern parts of the U.S. They are aggressive and can be caught in large numbers, even through the ice. Here are a few tips for Perca flavescens.

Submitted by moldychum

Exit The Chum

“It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but it’s kind of like a trip to Disneyland. You get so excited about a ride on the ...

The post Exit The Chum appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Submitted by moldychum

Investigation into Bass Pro Shops tarpon theft remains active

More than a month after a man entered a Bass Pro Shop in Fort Myers with a fish net and removed a live tarpon from ...

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Submitted by moldychum

UnBelizeable 2024 Fly Fishing Trip

Rocky Point permit camp.

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Submitted by moldychum

Sunday Toona: The Way It Is Edition

Radio 2’s Piano Room Month returns with a bang, with singer-songwriter and Pianist Bruce Hornsby performing live from Maida Vale studios alongside the BBC Concert ...

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Submitted by moldychum

What Lies Above – Trailer

I witnessed this feeding behavior five years ago when one of our guides hooked a perm off the beach feeding in a giant mat of ...

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Submitted by moldychum

Patagonia Spends 71 Million on Wildlife Conservation & Politics

Putting their money where their mouth is A little more than $3 million to block a proposed mine in Alaska. Another $3 million to conserve ...

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Submitted by moldychum

Messing With The River Test

The River Test is an internationally renowned chalk stream. Southern Water has installed equipment to pump waste directly from underground sewers into the river. It ...

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Submitted by moldychum

Ice fishing without nicotine

This one is about Ice Fishing, Nicotine Addiction, River Test, a hillbilly friend, and former champion in competitive Ice Fishing, Jacksson Winter. Also, a little ...

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Submitted by moldychum

This week in what are you doing?: Backyard Fish

Unreal! Wild and crazy legislators in Alaska – a state that banned net-pen fish farming in 1989 in part because of fears some of the ...

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Submitted by moldychum

Saving salmon: Newsom unveils blueprint

With salmon populations throughout California declining for decades and facing the threat of extinction, Gov. Gavin Newsom has unveiled a state strategy aimed at protecting and restoring ...

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How to Practice Self-Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day can be hard on singles and those in difficult relationships. Let’s focus on what self-love means and how to practice self-love.

Submitted by Tim Schulz

Connecticut angler there yesterday should have been there today

STORRS, CT—A University of Connecticut Professor of Logic, Leann Jackson, is believed to be the first fly angler to fish the famed Delaware River yesterday when she should have been there today. An avid angler for much of her life, Ms. Jackson regularly makes the four-hour drive to upper New York to fish the west, east, and main branches of one of the nation’s greatest trout rivers. 

Plan to Visit the Seattle Boat Show, February 2-10, 2024

With its many fishing and boating seminars, and educational as well as manufacturing exhibitors, the Seattle Boat Show, February 2-10, 2024, is for everybody

Use These Late Winter Trout Fishing Lures for Success

List of late winter trout fishing lures to use when water temperatures are at a seasonal low, techniques to use for winter trout, tackle for late winter trout

Submitted by Hatch Magazine

Gear we love right now: January 2024

Fly anglers are overloaded with gear choices—rods, reels, boots, waders, lines, packs, bags, boxes, vests, apparel and more. It seems harder and harder to know what's worth coveting and what's worth ignoring. Gear reviews are a great way to explore in-depth what might be right for you, but not every piece of gear is suited to a full-length review and, even if it were, there's simply too much of it to get to. With that in mind, we periodically showcase what's working for us right now, to hopefully offer more helpful feedback on gear that's worth a second look.

How to Support Black History Month in Your Community

Ideas on how to celebrate Black History Month in your local area and nationally.

The 7 Health Benefits of Boating

From reducing stress to reconnecting with nature and boosting vitamin D to bonding with friends, discover the many health benefits of boating.

Submitted by Tim Schulz

The sound of thunder

Time was a film run backward. Suns fled and ten million moons fled after them.
—Ray Bradbury, A Sound of Thunder

The sign on the wall caught my attention the way a Mepps silver spinner sometimes catches a trout’s:

Ignite Your Day With the Sunrise Burrito

4 Ways to Start Mentoring Other Anglers in Texas

List of ways to start mentoring other anglers in Texas. Ideas for helping with angler instruction, conservation education, youth fishing clinics, and more

Did You Know About These 5 Ice Fishing Health Benefits?

Five ice fishing health benefits. Physical, mental perks of ice fishing beyond the excitement of reeling in a catch to cardiovascular health, reduced stress, more.

A Few of the Best Freshwater Fishing Knots for California

California has a diverse selection of freshwater fishing opportunities. Sometimes the best knot to tie depends on the species, presentation, or conditions. Here are a few options you should knot be without.

New Year Boating Resolutions: Master Your Sonar & GPS

Most boaters don’t have their sonar and GPS instruments fully mastered, so this should be top-of-list for new year boating resolutions.

35 Water Safety, Fishing, and Boating Tips for January

Clothes, rods, gear, boats, and assorted practicalities are the focus of these many water safety, fishing, and boating tips for January

5 Best Saltwater Fishing Knots for Florida Inshore Trips

Summary of the best saltwater fishing knots for Florida inshore fish species, why these knots are used most often, which fishing knots to use for redfish

The 9 Best Winter Boating Activities for Families

Recreational boating offers endless possibilities for making memories all year long thanks to these 9 fun winter boating activities for families.

January Boating in Florida: 5 Destinations to Explore

Where to experience the best of January boating in Florida, see stunning sunsets on the water, take an island boat tour, wet a line in the Sunshine State

Three January Health Benefits of Fishing

For many, winter can be a time for battling cabin fever, moping around, waiting for spring to signal getting out fishing gear again. But there are fish to be caught even in January and health benefits to boot.

7 Outdoor Winter Activities

Winter brings colder days and minimal sunlight, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great outdoor winter activities to do, with or without snow!

5 of the Best Fly Fishing Flies for Winter

List of best fly fishing flies for winter, summary of why these fly patterns are among the best to use for trout during the coldest months of the year

How to Plan a Camping Trip in Winter

There isn’t a “bad” time of year for planning a camping trip. Here’s how to plan a camping trip to stay safe, warm, and happy in the winter.

Why Buy a Boat in Winter

Although boating season is over, winter can be a great time to buy a boat. Here are a few advantages for buying a boat in winter.

4 Ideas for Memorable Winter Campfire and Fishing Trips

Summary of ideas for winter campfire and fishing trips that includes a warm weather beach destination, an ice fishing favorite, and a Georgia mountain retreat

12 Tips On Ice Fishing For Beginners

Here are the basic matters to know about ice fishing for beginners, with primary emphasis on safety, equipment, and lure components

5 Essential Tips for Coldwater Fishing in December

List of essential tips for coldwater fishing in December. Where to fish for trout, what time of the day is best, get cold water fishing techniques for success

13 December Outdoor Adventures With or Without Snow

Check out these 12 December outdoor adventures for couples to try this year and winter outdoor adventures on a budget with or without snow.

6 New Year’s Eve Family Activities

You need fun new years activities for kids. Check out these 6 New Year's Eve family activities to make flipping the calendar fun for everyone!

6 New Year’s Fishing/Boating Resolutions for Beginners

List of ideas for New Year’s fishing/boating resolutions, ways to learn new boating skills, fishing techniques, how to make the most of your time outdoors

Outdoor Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

From cool camping gear to backyard gifts for nature lovers, here are some of the best outdoor gift ideas for everyone on your list this year.

5 Holiday Gifts Under $50 for Every Outdoor Enthusiast

List of five best holiday gifts for the nature lovers. Use this budget-friendly holiday gift guide to find practical presents for outdoors enthusiasts

17 Holiday Family Activities

Here are 17 holiday activities/experiences for you to play and get creative with your kids, and spend quality time outside this holiday season.

5 Best Fishing Gifts for Anglers Who Have Everything

List of best fishing gifts for anglers who have everything. Simple, practical fishing present ideas from under $50 to higher budget gifts for special anglers

5 Boating Holiday Wish List Categories

The boating holiday season is here and that means a time for gift giving. Here are some ideas that might make the wish list for boaters who made the Nice List.

Travel Fly Fishing Tips

It is important to plan ahead in order to make your travel fishing ideas a reality. Packing the right gear can make a big difference in how successful you can be on your trip.

Fly Fishing Near Yellowstone

The pristine rivers and tributaries in and around Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming are some of the most iconic for fly-fishing in the United States. From the Yellowstone River to the Snake River anglers can catch native cutthroat trout and other species during a memorable day or weekend fly-fishing.

The Value of Local Fly Shops

Fly fishing shops are central to the fly fishing community because they provide local advice, gear, and guiding in the local area.

Insider Tips for Hiking in Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park has over 500 miles of trails. Here are some insider tips for hiking in Shenandoah National Park.

Try These Delicious Perch Recipes

Eating your fresh caught perch is one of the best ways to round out a fishing experience. Some of the best perch recipes are those that will complement the delicate meat and enhance the flavor. From the breading used to make the perfect fried perch sandwich to herb butter and salsas that bring out the best flavors of the meat, these recipes are simple ways to enjoy your fresh catch.

Fall Weekend Trips in the DMV Area

The best fall weekend trips in the DMV area

How to Winterize a Boat and Store It Till Spring

You’ll protect your boat and engine, and have it in the best possible shape for next season, if you follow these steps for how to winterize a boat

Maple Pecan and Walnut Crusted Salmon

Maple pecan and walnut crusted salmon is a delicious dish to make this holiday season. It’s sweet and savory, and packed with heart healthy omega-3 fats.

Pond Fishing vs Lake Fishing: 4 Differences You Should Know

Summary of differences between pond fishing vs lake fishing. How to fish in each type of waterway, where to find fish, strategies to use, best baits and lures

How to Fish for Trout in a Lake: Tips for Catching Rainbows

List of tips on how to fish for trout in lake that cover fishing tackle to use, which baits work best, types of areas to catch stocked rainbow trout in lakes.

How to Find the Best Beginner Fly Fishing Gear for Women

Summary of beginner fly fishing gear for women. Which features are important, how to find gear that fits right, why materials matter for comfort on the water

8 Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Here are 8 Thanksgiving activities for families that will get you outside and active, as well as snuggling up together to relax on the sofa.

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Recipes: Steamed Blue Crabs

Get seafood Thanksgiving recipes that break from tradition. Skip the Thanksgiving turkey recipe, swap it out for this blue crab recipe that everyone will love.

Patience on the water

Patience is a virtue in fishing when things inevitably go wrong. As you develop this skill, you may find other areas of your life that benefit from your growth in the realm of patience.

4 Ways To Use Mindfulness Practice While Fly Fishing

Learn how to use mindfulness methods while fly fishing to enhance your experience and performance while on the water and exploring the outdoors.

Fall Boating Tips to Help You Enjoy the “Best” Season

These fall boating tips will help you enjoy the season’s cooler temperatures and beautiful scenery

Submitted by topshotfishing

Deep Sea Fishing with the Top Shot Fishing Team

Fishing in Fort Lauderdale for Sailfish or Mahi Mahi provides an exciting charter for any angler.  On a […]

The post Deep Sea Fishing with the Top Shot Fishing Team appeared first on Fishing Reports and Forum | BigFishTackle.Com.

Submitted by CaptPeterVines

Puerto Vallarta fishing report October

October sailfish in Puerto Vallarta MexicoAs the fall season unfolds in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, anglers from around the world eagerly gather to explore […]

The post Puerto Vallarta fishing report October appeared first on Fishing Reports and Forum | BigFishTackle.Com.

Tips For Ethical, Conservation-Forward Fly Angling

Explore a list of simple tips, principles, and educational information to become a more conservation-forward and ethical angler.

Three Fall Boating Safety Tips

Fall boating can mean beautiful, less crowded scenery and fantastic fishing. However, with cooler temperatures, precautions should be taken. Here are three fall boating safety tips.

4 Epic Fall Boating Adventures to Start Planning Now

List of epic fall boating adventures. When, where to go to experience peak autumn colors from the water, stunning fall foliage destinations for boating.

7 Outdoor Halloween Activities

Check out these 7 fun-size outdoor Halloween activities to help you, your family, and your friends get the most out of the holiday this year.

October, the National Hunting & Fishing Month

Recognized as National Hunting & Fishing Month, here are reasons to get up and enjoy what October has to offer outside.

5 Outdoor Activities for Mental Health Day 2023

From the benefits of fishing for mental health to the need for self-care, here are 5 ways to focus on you during World Mental Health Day 2023.

How to Prep for the Fall Perch Bite on Lake Erie

Fall is one of the best times to fish for yellow perch on Lake Erie. Whether you take a charter trip or fish from the bank the fall perch bite is active and an exciting way to catch your limit. Perch fishing is one of the best experiences on Lake Erie for a fall fishing getaway.

Conserving and Protecting Wildlife Refuges

Discover inspiring conservation initiatives during National Wildlife Refuge Week. Learn about Texas’ efforts to preserve wildlife and habitats, and find out about how you can contribute.

Where are the Best Fall Fishing Trips?

Fall can be a great time to go fishing. You might find that the best fall fishing locations are closer than you think. Here are a few reasons why.

5 Saltwater Fishing Knot Tying Techniques for Inshore Anglers

Basics of saltwater fishing knot tying techniques, why five simple knots are among the most popular for inshore fishing, which knots to use with bait or lures.

The Wellbeing Benefits of Nature and How to Enjoy Them

 Learn about the wellbeing benefits of nature and how to enjoy them this autumn to achieve better sleep, feel healthier, and be happier.

8 Awesome Autumn Equinox Activities

Check out these 8 awesome autumn equinox family activities that will help you and your kids fully enjoy the start of fall together.

National Wildlife Refuge Week 2023

National Wildlife Refuge Week 2023 is from October 8-14. It’s a special time to celebrate biodiversity and animal habitats.

Freshwater Fishing Spots in Florida to Visit This Fall

Overview of freshwater fishing spots in Florida to visit this fall. Which waterways, species are likely to be most active during autumn in the Sunshine State