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Submitted by moldychum

True Facts: Reef Coral is a Crazy Animal!

We knew coral anatomy was horrifying, but we had no idea it was this horrifying. There’s a one-minute skippable ad at the five-minute mark.

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Submitted by moldychum

Quagga mussel larvae found in the Snake River

The introduction of quagga mussels poses a considerable threat and can potentially cost Idaho hundreds of millions of dollars in actual and indirect costs. The ...

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Submitted by moldychum

House Cuts in NOAA Funding Threaten US Fisheries

The U.S. House Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2024 would have a devastating impact on fish and habitat as it reduces funding by 14% for ...

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8 Awesome Autumn Equinox Activities

Check out these 8 awesome autumn equinox family activities that will help you and your kids fully enjoy the start of fall together.

Submitted by Tim Schulz

A tale of two Tims

Having appropriated the title from Charles Dickens, it’s only natural to poach the story’s moral from Abraham Lincoln, Jesus, and George Costanza: A Tim divided cannot stand. This story, you see, is a tale of internal conflict, for which Confucius is said to have said, “He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior”—precisely the nifty sort of circular logic that made the old bearded hypothesizer a household name.

Submitted by moldychum

NOAA Fisheries Releases Updated Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Po…

NOAA Fisheries has released an updated National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy and multi-year national and regional implementation plans. The updated policy will help guide NOAA Fisheries’ approach to ...

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Submitted by moldychum

The Lost World Of Mr Hardy | Full Movie

Once upon a time, people made things with their hands: beautiful cane fishing rods and exotic salmon flies. Hardy’s did this the best and were ...

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Submitted by moldychum

Of Wheels And Feathers

A primer on fishing and bike packing on the Deschutes. The lower 100 miles of the Deschutes provide ample space to create your own fish/biking ...

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Submitted by Chad Shmukler

Fishing the popper-dropper rig

We’ve all heard of the “hopper-dropper,” the ubiquitous, two-fly method for summer trout all over the world. But what about the “popper-dropper” for bass, panfish and other warmwater fish? Well, it’s a thing, and I can attest to its effectiveness.

A couple of years ago, while fishing in the Big Thicket National Preserve in southeast Texas, I was introduced to the method, and I’ve used it a few times since in places like north Florida and even in eastern Idaho, where we have something of an unknown, but robust, population of smallmouths in the Snake River.

Submitted by moldychum

TBV: Louisiana Redfish 2008

In 2008 got my first taste of the bayou. This is what I saw…

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Submitted by moldychum

A Tribute to Timeless Craftsmanship

Hardy Fly Fishing, a name synonymous with innovation and master craftsmanship, is proud to announce the release of its latest masterpiece: The 1912 Perfect Fly ...

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Submitted by moldychum

How Fly Line is Made | RIO Products

Behind the brand of RIO Products and an inside look at what it takes to create a fly line.

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National Wildlife Refuge Week 2023

National Wildlife Refuge Week 2023 is from October 8-14. It’s a special time to celebrate biodiversity and animal habitats.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Costa Debuts King Tide Frames

To celebrate their 40 years in business, the folks over at Costa have released the brand-new King Tide frames.

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Submitted by moldychum

Fly Fishing in Canada with Wild Fly Productions

Summer goes by fast. When you have time to get out and fish, you just gotta go for it.

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Submitted by Richard Wilson

Mirror, mirror

There’s a mirror near our front door.  It’s the last thing I see before heading off to the river, and I normally give it a quick glance to make sure everything’s in order. Two shoes? Tick. Crumpled sweatshirt? Tick. Counter-cultural Rastafarian neck-warmer that nobody ever notices, cool hat, glasses, etc. Tick. I nod to myself, smile at the absurdity of it all, and head for the door. That’s me in the mirror.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Tying Tuesday: Hen Bugger

Cheech shows us how to tie the Hen Bugger, a versatile little pattern that's certainly timely, with fall right around the corner.

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Freshwater Fishing Spots in Florida to Visit This Fall

Overview of freshwater fishing spots in Florida to visit this fall. Which waterways, species are likely to be most active during autumn in the Sunshine State

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Behind The Proposed Apache Trout Delisting

Apache trout are native to the White Mountains in Arizona, which are located in the eastern part of the state.

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Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Top Flies for Trout Spey

With fall approaching, it's the perfect time to bust out a trout spey rod and start swinging flies for fish as they pack on the pounds ahead of winter.

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Submitted by Chris Hunt

Hope, optimism and fly fishing in a post-Jimmy Buffett world

I don't want to live on that kind of island
No, I don't want to swim in a roped off sea
Too much for me, too much for me
I've got to be where the wind and the water are free.

— Jimmy Buffett, Cowboy in the Jungle

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

FWS Proposes Delisting Apache Trout

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed removing the Apache trout from the list of endangered species, per the FWS website.

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Submitted by Spencer Durrant

RIO Launches Compostable Spool

In a big move to reduce waste, RIO Products has announced that all of their lines starting in fall 2023 will ship on compostable spools.

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Submitted by Hatch Magazine

New fly fishing gear: September 2023

The fall fishing season is upon us, and fly-fishing gear manufacturers are pushing out some new items worth a look.

From a stipper caddy to a new Scandi shooting head, a conscientiously constructed cold-weather wading jacket to a new rotary tying vise and a few items in between, here’s a quick look at some of the most promising new items for September.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Another Big Hole River Story

The New York Times just published an in-depth, surprisingly accurate retelling of all the issues on the Big Hole.

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How to Maximize Your Time at Fall Boat Shows

Summary of tips for attending fall boat shows. How to maximize your time at upcoming boat shows, comparison shop for boats, avoid big crowds, find seminars

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Building The Most Accurate Fly Rods

If you've ever wondered what exactly goes into building a high-end graphite fly rod, then you should read through this story from Tim Schulz over at Hatch Magazine. 

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Submitted by Tim Schulz

On a mission to build the world's most accurate fly rod

When I stepped through the double entry doors under the small gable roof at the entrance to the Orvis Rod Factory last June, I expected to be greeted by old men with silver-gray beards, half-frame reading glasses, brass pocket watches, and full-length canvas shop aprons.

The Power of Learning to Fish in the Company of Women

A story of an angler who went on an unexpected fly fishing adventure among women in Montana

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Tying Tuesday: Miracle Piglet

The Miracle Piglet is a trout fly tied up by Nordic Anglers on YouTube, and I'm honestly not sure how you beat that wonderful name.

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Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Understanding Global Impacts of Hatchery Fish on Wild Salmonids

The biggest problem with a hatchery system, according to this new research, is the impact the hatchery fish have on the genetics of wild fish. 

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Submitted by Hatch Magazine

RIO introduces new Elite Scandi Launch

Perhaps more than any other subcategory of the fly fishing universe, the world of Spey and two-hand casting seems to be under constant evolution. Rod makers are consistently building not just improved but wholly new two-hand offerings and linemakers, at a similar clip, are developing new tapers, heads, tips, and line systems to help anglers make the most of their double-handed weapon of choice.

5 Off-the-Beaten-Path Boating Spots

Check out these 5 hidden gem boating destinations that offer boaters the chance to connect with nature, go fishing, and relax on the water.

7 Ways To Celebrate National Grandparents Day

Celebrate National Grandparents Day with these 7 activities for spending time and making memories with your grandparents.

Submitted by Johnny Carrol Sain

Death by any other name

A friend recently sent me a link to this Outdoor Life article. He said he thought I’d find it interesting. I have strong suspicions he wanted to poke the bear. Regardless of his motive, I was both intrigued and irritated. The article sought to answer the burning question: When a wild animal we’ve hunted lays dead and reduced to our possession, did we “kill” the animal or “harvest” it?

6 Activities to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Tips on how to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month this year. Suggestions on which activities to participate in locally.

Submitted by Hatch Magazine

50 years of research overwhelmingly shows hatcheries are harmful to…

For over 100 years, hatcheries have been producing fish in an effort to mitigate human impacts on the natural environment. Whether to increase stocks to fuel the demands of commercial and recreational fisheries, counteract the effects of habitat loss, or rescue species on the brink of extinction, hatcheries have been employed all over the planet as a tool to undo damage to fish populations caused by human beings.

Conservation Celebrated on National Hunting and Fishing Day

National Hunting and Fishing Day was created to celebrate how anglers and hunters contribute to fisheries and wildlife management and conservation programs

Submitted by Mike Sepelak

A train of loose cabooses

We drift quietly to the lee side, set the anchors, and slip over the aluminum gunnels into the cool turquoise water. Crystal clear. Rocky bottom. Surface slick as glass. Smallie haunts. But being a day short of the smallmouth season opener, we wade instead to shore and dive into the dense, hardy cover that keeps this thin spit of island from blowing away in the Lake Michigan winds.

Take Them Fishing on National Grandparents Day 2023

Some thoughts on how National Grandparents Day 2023 is an opportunity to share the experience of fishing with your grandchildren

Sockeye Fishing in Alaska

Sockeye salmon are integral parts of the ecosystem. Their journey from ocean back to freshwater birthplace provides the opportunity to anglers to target and harvest these fish.

An Introduction to Wakeboarding Tips and Tricks

Wakeboarding is a popular boating activity. Although it may seem intimidating at first, here are some tips that may help beginners wake up to the fact that sometimes “getting towed” can be fun.   

7 Labor Day Weekend Camping Ideas

With these fun camping activities and ideas, from fishing to Spike Ball, you and your family will have a memorable Labor Day weekend camping trip!

Be Practical About the Best Family-Friendly Boating Destinations

Practical advice about things to consider when planning to visit any of the best family-friendly boating destinations

Late Summer Salmon Fishing on Lake Michigan

The late summer Chinook and Coho salmon run into the rivers from the open waters of Lake Michigan is one of the best times to fish for them. Lake Michigan is accessed by four states but Manistee, Michigan is one of the best departures points to target salmon when they are on the move.

What is the Meaning of Labor Day

Labor Day 2023 is the last weekend before school starts. It’s the perfect time for one last camping and fishing trip. But what is Labor Day for?

Kayaking For Beginners

Kayaking for beginners is all about getting your feet wet and choosing the best kayak for beginners that will keep you steady and dry!

5 Best Boating Accessories for Summer Fun on the Water

List of best boating accessories for summer that make boat days feel like mini vacations, contribute to comfort, feel-good boating experiences with family

Tips Before Going Fly Fishing: Best fishing tips for beginners

Learning how to fly fish can feel intimidating. These tips will help you to get started and support you as you continue your learning on the water.

A Beginner’s Intro to the Most Popular Saltwater Species in August

If you’re wondering what and where to target, this summary of popular saltwater fishing species in August addresses how the quarry varies by region and method

4 Tips for Planning Family Fishing Trips in August

Tips on where to go family fishing trips in August before the kids go back to school. Overview of tips that cover where to go, what to catch, what to know

Finding Your Best Self on the Water: Why Downtime is Essential

Tips on finding your best self on the water, achieving mindfulness, well-being through water activities, how time on the water contributes to self-care

The 6 Best Saltwater Fishing Trips in August

Before summer comes to an end, there’s still time for the best saltwater fishing trips in August, with options on each coast, and along the gulf.

Tips for Hiking During the Summer

List tips and tricks for hiking during the summer as well as three waterfall hikes

Essential Tips for Surf Fishing Across the Southeast

List of essential tips for surf fishing in the Southeast, how to catch everything from pompano in Florida to flounder in North Carolina, surf fishing baits

Three Pier Fishing Tips for August

Fishing action off a pier in August can be hot. Here are a few tips to help find ways to catch fish by using these popular freshwater and saltwater structures.

Wake Surfing Tips for Beginners: How to Get Started

Summary of wake surfing tips for beginners, broad overview of beginner wake surfing techniques, wake surfing safety, how to balance on a wake surfing board

4 Tips for Finding the Best Spots When Fishing with Kids

Tips on where to go fishing with kids, finding best spots when fishing with kids, where to take kids fishing this summer, types of fishing activities for kids

Summer Camping and Fishing Essentials

List of camping essentials and fishing gear for the summer

5 Ways to do Your Part on World Nature Conservation Day

How to be a part of World Nature Conservation Day, small ways you can help protect our planet’s ecosystems, create a healthier environment.

Paddle Boarding for Beginners: Simple Tips to Get Started

Basic tips, guidance on paddle boarding for beginners. Where to learn SUP, paddle boarding gear you need to get started, what to know about safety, and more

Getting Started with Affordable Boating Gear for Beginners

Beginning boaters will need gear that is affordable and reliable. Here’s a brief guide to determine which equipment should be acquired first and why.

5 Epic Camping Trips in July

Whether you want to go fishing, boating, hiking, or biking, or relax under the stars, here are five July camping vacations to book this summer!

Wondering, Where to Saltwater Fish near Me?

Fishing in the ocean can be intimidating. Here’s how to tackle saltwater fishing and the three best locations for a chance at some great saltwater fishing action.

The 5 Best July RV Travel Destinations

 Discover the best 5 July RV travel destinations for fishing, hiking, and boating, as well as for strolling shops, restaurants, and historic sights.

4 Ways to Participate in Latino Conservation Week

List of ways to participate in Latino Conservation Week by getting involved with a local cause, supporting Latino leaders, and spreading the word about conservation in person and social media

The 8 Best National Parks to Visit in Summer

Here are the 8 best National Parks to visit in summer, each with phenomenal natural features, comfortable temperatures, and fewer crowds.

Summer Fishing Trip Planning Tips for Beginning Anglers

Summary of summer fishing trip planning tips for new anglers. Key tips for planning a fishing trip that’s comfortable, enjoyable for beginners, families

Have Fun, Be Safe, Avoid Crowds - July 4th Boating Ideas

No matter where or how you boat, these July 4th boating ideas will help you enjoy our national holiday on the water

5 Ways an Outdoor Lifestyle Can Benefit Your Health

List of ways an outdoor lifestyle benefits your health. Learn how spending time outdoors can boost your psychological, physiological health for the better

6 Great Outdoors Month Ideas to Get You Moving

List of Great Outdoors Month ideas to help boost appreciation of nature, provide relaxing experiences outdoors, make lasting memories with family this summer

13 Ways To Escape to Nature and Get Away From It All

The summer is a fantastic time to head outdoors and escape to nature. Here are 13 easy ways to find peace and quiet, and get away from it all.

BAM! The Qualities of the Best Boating Lakes near Me

With so many lakes across the country, how does one decide where to go boating? Here are the three characteristics shared by the best boating lakes.

Small-Boat Handling: 10 Tips On How to Drive a Boat Safely

No brakes, no stop signs, and sometimes no indication of hazards make it imperative to distinguish how to drive a boat in a safe manner

Fishing While Camping

Campers often go fishing. And fishing can be one method to provide a meal for hungry campers. How those fish are cooked depends on your camping load. Here are three categories of camping and cooking fishing.

5 Best Fishing Spots in June from Alabama to Wisconsin

List of best fishing spots in June for species like trout, walleye, catfish. Check out these popular summer fishing destinations from Alabama to Wisconsin

National Catfish Day Is Coming - Get Ready for Good Eats!

Which species is the most popularly farmed, and most popularly consumed, catfish in the U.S.? Learn this and other facts relative to National Catfish Day

9 Activity Ideas for Father's Day

9 Father’s Day activity ideas Dad will love, from seeing live music to baking and watching retro cartoons to playing soccer with his kids.

6 June Camping Destinations

All you need to kickstart an amazing summer are the best June camping destinations and summer camping activities the whole family will enjoy.

How to Get Involved on World Oceans Day This Year

List of ways to get involved on World Oceans Day by making sustainable seafood choices, eliminating single-use plastics, sharing ocean conservation messages

9 National Kids’ Day Activities

Day-to-day family life can be hectic, so National Kids’ Day and these 9 National Kids’ Day activities can help you refocus on what matters most.

AAPI History Month in the Outdoors

Ideas for group outdoorsy activities that can bring people together during AAPI HIstory Month

8 Ways to Make a Difference on World Environment Day

List of ways to honor World Environment Day on June 5th, specific action steps to reduce plastic pollution, help protect our ecosystems, wildlife, health

What Do You Learn From Taking a Boat Safety Course?

Required by most states to operate and register a boat, a boat safety course is important for learning how to be a safe, lawful, and responsible boater

5 Family-Friendly Summer Boat Vacation Ideas

List of five summer boat vacation destinations for families, best places across the country that offer easy boating access, watersports, campgrounds on the water

What You Can Catch on Free Fishing Days Near You

List of free fishing days coming up in seven different states, which species to target, tips on where to fish, baits or lures to use on a free fishing day

Public Ramp Boat-Launching Tips for Beginners

You can avoid a nerve-wracking boat-launching experience at a public ramp by following this practical and knowledgeable advice.

6 Must-Have Features of Women’s Fishing Clothing

Overview of women’s fishing clothing features to consider. How fabrics, functional details, sun protection, design make a big difference in comfort on the water

Get on the Water During National Fishing and Boating Week

Read fun ways to celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week 2023! National Fishing and Boating week runs this year from June 3-11. Get on board!

10 Mental Health Awareness Month Activities

From fishing to boating, camping and self-soothing, here are 10 mental health awareness activities for you and your kids to try this month.

15 Types of Water Sports Activities

There are many ways to enjoy the water this summer. Here are 15 water sport activities, including several new water sports, to try this year.

8 Things to do During National Fishing and Boating Week

Eight ways to celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week with family while giving back to our nation’s waterways, setting an example of sustainable fishing

Spring Fishing in the West Coast

The West Coast is a massive fishery with tremendous opportunities in both freshwater and saltwater. The first step in preparing to fish the west coast in spring is to conduct some online research regarding your target species. Here’s why.

5 Girls' Weekend Trip Ideas for Nature Lovers

List of girls’ weekend trip ideas that include plenty of outdoor activities. Check out summer girlfriend getaways focused on camping, hiking, fishing, more

5 Ways National Safe Boating Week Can Help Save Lives

Five ways National Safe Boating Week, sometimes referred to as National Boating Week, can help save lives, importance of sharing safe boating tips, boating info

Three Factors Regarding Fly fishing in May

May can be a great month for fly fishing. However, this is a transitional period and anglers need to be able to adapt to possible changes.

5 Ideas for Weekend Backpacking Trips

Before you hit the trail, check out these hiking tips and the best 2-3 day backpacking trips to consider for your first, or next, hiking weekend.

7 Outdoor Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Give mom the gift of the great outdoors this year with these 7 outdoor Mother’s Day gift ideas that will help you make new memories together.

6 Kayaking and Boating Activities to Boost Your Mental Health

Summary of six kayaking, boating activities you can try with your family this summer to boost your mental health, support well-being, make memories on the water

Tips for Fishing Boat Rentals

When traveling, a fishing boat rental can be a great way to fish a new body of water. Here are some boat rental tips to know before you arrive.