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Submitted by Steven Hill

Feeding Frenzy: Two Orcas Killed At Least 8 Great White Sharks Off…

man examines dead great white shark carcass
Great whites have started avoiding the Gansbaai Coast because of the brutal orca attacks. MARINE DYNAMICS/ DYER ISLAND CONSERVATION TRUST. IMAGE BY HENNIE OTTO

Scientists say the killer whales have been ripping out and consuming the livers and other organs of the great whites

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Submitted by Richard Mann

The 5 Greatest Shots I’ve Ever Witnessed in the Field

photo of hunter with Cape buffalo
The author's son, Sebastian, with a Cape buffalo. Richard Mann

A rifle wingshot, a half-mile hit, a quick-draw bullseye, and more. These are the best shots our shooting editor has ever seen while hunting

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Submitted by Matthew Every

New Antivenin Pill Could Change the Way Snakebites are Treated

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, Crotalus adamanteus, in controlled situation, Central PA, USA
Eastern Diamondbacks are classified as pit vipers. Joe McDonald via Getty Images

The pill could cover venom from a wide variety of snakes, reducing the cost of antivenom treatments and the time it takes to administer them

The post New Antivenin Pill Could Change the Way Snakebites are Treated appeared first on Field & Stream.

Submitted by Meg Carney

Best Rechargeable Batteries for 2022

Best Rechargeable Batteries collage

A bit more expensive up front, but well worth it in the end, grab some rechargeable batteries for your gear that runs off AAs and AAAs

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Submitted by moldychum

Euronymphing with the fly fishing world champion!

It’s Another Hard Day at the Office! This time Esko is fishing in Läsäkoski rapids with the long-time Vision ambassador (=Friend) and very soon-to-be Vision ...

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Submitted by moldychum


For the month of July, Keep Fish Wet and Ten And Two Co. challenge anglers to commit to not taking a single photo of a ...

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Submitted by moldychum

Will calling them ‘copi’ help?

As a brand, Asian carp have two big problems: The name strikes many as both racially insensitive and decidedly unpalatable — a trash fish. How ...

The post Will calling them ‘copi’ help? appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Submitted by Bill Heavey

Watch: Moose Walks on the Roof of Montana Saloon

cow moose on top of building
Moose can weigh up to 1500 pounds. The Ranch at Rock Creek via Instagram

A cow moose was filmed walking on a "living roof" at a plush guest ranch in western Montana

The post Watch: Moose Walks on the Roof of Montana Saloon appeared first on Field & Stream.

Submitted by Matthew Every

Long-Range Competition Shooting Gear I’d Actually Hunt With

Man lying on the ground shooting a rifle.
The author takes aim during a PRS match. Matthew Every

Hunters can learn a thing or two from precision shooters, especially in the gear department

The post Long-Range Competition Shooting Gear I’d Actually Hunt With appeared first on Field & Stream.

Submitted by Meg Carney

Best Shoes for Kayaking of 2022

Best Kayaking Shoes collage

Any old sandal or water shoe will work, but the best shoes for kayaking can improve your time on the water

The post Best Shoes for Kayaking of 2022 appeared first on Field & Stream.

Submitted by Bill Heavey

Watch: Indonesian Man Wrangles 14-Foot Crocodile with a Rope

man pulls rope through the mouth of large crocodile
Crocodiles can grow to lengths up to 17 feet long. The Straights Times via YouTube

A 53-year-old man subdued the massive crocodile to protect his fellow villagers

The post Watch: Indonesian Man Wrangles 14-Foot Crocodile with a Rope appeared first on Field & Stream.

Submitted by Tom Davis

Results of the night game

I saw the light from the other guy’s headlamp bobbing through the trees so I waited until he was within hailing distance. He’d passed me earlier in the evening—I was already standing in the water by then—enroute to his spot a bend or two downstream.

“How’d you do?” I called.

“Not great,” he said. “A couple of small ones.”

We fell into step on the narrow trail leading out to the parking area, our headlamps coring the dark.


Charter Boat Captain Falls Overboard, Swims 14 Miles Without Lifeja…

One man at controls of sports fishing boat another man standing on starboard side holding fishing rod.
Anglers aboard the charter boat New Beginning noticed the stranded captain waving his arms in the water. Gary John Norman

The captain was found by a group of anglers after surviving for nearly seven hours in the open water

The post Charter Boat Captain Falls Overboard, Swims 14 Miles Without Lifejacket appeared first on Field & Stream.

Submitted by Paul Richards

Back-to-Back Shark Attacks Kill Two Women in Egypt’s Red Sea

photo of gray reef shark
Gray reef sharks are common in the Red Sea and have been known to attack humans. Alastair Pollock Photography / Getty

The attacks happened only hours apart and in close proximity of each other, taking the lives of a 68-year-old Austrian woman and a Romanian woman in her 40s

The post Back-to-Back Shark Attacks Kill Two Women in Egypt’s Red Sea appeared first on Field & Stream.

Submitted by moldychum

4 Tips to be Better at Fly Fishing

Alvin Dedeaux with 4 tips to be better at fly fishing.

The post 4 Tips to be Better at Fly Fishing appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Submitted by moldychum

Life Along the Fish Highway

Let’s follow the expeditions of five fish as they make their way along the fish highway! While fish migration looks a little different for every ...

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Submitted by moldychum

Oregon State partnering with Yurok Tribe to envision Klamath River…

Oregon State University researchers will embark in July on a 3½-year partnership with the Yurok Tribe to study what the connections between river quality, water ...

The post Oregon State partnering with Yurok Tribe to envision Klamath River after dam removal appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Submitted by moldychum

Protecting Our Saltwater Flats

Narrated by actor Michael Keaton, “Protecting Our Saltwater Flats” overviews the results of BTT’s Bonefish Pharmaceutical Contaminants Study and highlights the urgent need to modernize ...

The post Protecting Our Saltwater Flats appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Submitted by moldychum

Perhaps we need a vaccine?

There is an insidious disease passing around the fly fishing world. It starts in early spring and slowly works to a crescendo by late fall. ...

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Submitted by moldychum

Stocking Alpine Lakes

Not using an airplane.

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Submitted by moldychum

The Black Stonefly

  Gian Lawrence is a fly fisherman and outdoorsman with a unique origin story.  Growing up in Puyallup and Tacoma’s Hilltop, he fell into a life ...

The post The Black Stonefly appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Submitted by Hatch Magazine

2023 Fly Fishing Show dates announced

After the coronavirus completely spiked the 2021 Fly Fishing Show season, the 2022 show schedule went off mostly as planned, with the exception of the postponement of the Marlborough, Massachusetts show from January to April. This year, organizers are no doubt hopeful that the 2023 show schedule will proceed as planned, without any interruptions from new variants or case load spikes. The 2023 slate of venues was released earlier this week, with the show making scheduled stops at familiar locations across the country.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Gear: Korkers River Ops BOA Wading Boots

So, this review functioned in part as a way to see how well the River Ops boots have held up after a year of heavy use. 

The post Gear: Korkers River Ops BOA Wading Boots appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by Hatch Magazine

Yellowstone to reopen north loop July 2, increasing access for anglers

Yellowstone National Park, which just over two weeks suffered extensive damage due to record flooding in northern sections, has announced it is opening its northern loop which had been closed to travelers since the flood event. The park also announced that, as a result, it will be doing away with the alternating license plate access system designed to mitigate visitor traffic through the park's western, southern, and eastern entrances.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Bajio Debuts New Vega Sunglasses

The folks at Bajio have released a new pair of sunglasses for the summer - the Vega. Details on the release are below.

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Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Small Stream Structure

Jason Tucker, over at Gink & Gasoline, put together this great story that goes over some of the must-know structures you'll see when fly fishing small streams.

The post Small Stream Structure appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Story: Fly Guy

Flechsig started the business in 1994, determined to make a fly shop work in Columbus, Ohio. 

The post Story: Fly Guy appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Organize Fly Tying Gear

Tim Flagler, the man behind the wonderful videos from Tightline Productions, put together this short video on organizing tying gear.

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Submitted by Tom Davis

Fishing the crash

“This isn’t something you normally say when you’re fly-fishing,” mused Kyle Zempel, “but thank goodness for the wind.”

What Zempel, the proprietor of the Black Earth Angling Company and our guide on this lower Wisconsin River smallmouth trip, meant was that without the wind’s moderating influence, we would have been standing in pools of our own sweat. The midday temperature had climbed into the 90s, and while it’s tempting to call such smothering heat “unseasonable” for Wisconsin in June, the definition of “seasonable,” in this day and age, has become increasingly slippery.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Alaska Struggles Through Early Fire Season

Alaska is no stranger to large wildfires, but the state is has already seen 1 million acres of land burned, the earliest it's happened in decades. 

The post Alaska Struggles Through Early Fire Season appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

New Film: Pathway for Permit

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT) and Costa Sunglasses have released a new film highlighting Project Permit.

The post New Film: Pathway for Permit appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Tying Tuesday: Two Bit Jig

In this week's edition of Tying Tuesday, Charlie Craven shows us how to tie the Two Bit Jig, a fun take on his classic Two Bit fly.

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Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Beetle Patterns for Summer Trout

In this piece from Rene Harrop over at Fly Fisherman Magazine, we're introduced to some great beetle patterns for trout.

The post Beetle Patterns for Summer Trout appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Review: Korkers River Ops BOA wading boots

Almost a year ago, I reviewed the original Korkers River Ops boots. If you didn’t read that review at the time it was published, it’s worth referring back to for the nitty gritty on the River Ops design. At the time of the original review, my only notable criticism of the River Ops was that they weren’t available with the BOA lacing system. Now, Korkers has introduced a BOA version of the River Ops, which only improved upon what I think is the best boot Korkers has built to date.

Submitted by Spencer Durrant

Troutbitten on Reviving Trout

This story from Dom Swentosky over at Troutbitten is a great primer for all of us as we head into the hottest part of the year.

The post Troutbitten on Reviving Trout appeared first on MidCurrent.

Submitted by John Cannon

Permanently end old growth logging in America's Salmon Forest, stud…

The Tongass National Forest in the U.S. state of Alaska is a special place for conservation biologist Dominick DellaSala, even after decades of traveling the world to study temperate rainforests.

“The trees are enormous,” DellaSala, chief scientist at the Earth Island Institute’s World Heritage project, told Mongabay. “It’s like being in a cathedral. It’s an amazing place.”

Submitted by Chris Hunt

How to salvage your Yellowstone National Park fishing trip

The historic flooding that has shuttered the northern half of Yellowstone National Park, likely for the season, might have also put a damper on some serious fly fishing plans for anglers who come from far and wide to chase wild trout within the park.

UPDATE (JULY 1, 2002): The National Park Service has announced important updates to closures within Yellowstone National Park.

The 5 Best Lakes to Fish in Texas

Check out 5 of the best lakes to fish in Texas, with camping and boating access too, perfect for family adventures on or around the water.

9 Summer Family Trip Ideas

You've delayed your dream family outdoor getaway trip for too long! Check out these family trips ideas, from rafting to horseback riding, and more!

Submitted by Dylan Tomine


The old Subaru’s water pump blows up just outside The Dalles. Our already failing plan to make Macks Canyon before dark is now officially shot, and the whole trip appears to be in jeopardy. Visions of a week spent camping on hot asphalt behind the gas station while waiting for parts swim through my heat-addled brain. At seven o’clock on an unseasonably sweltering September evening in the central Oregon desert, I feel as far from catching a steelhead on a fly as you would in Phoenix, Arizona. Heat shimmers off the asphalt as I step onto the road and stick out my thumb.

Submitted by Ryan Fries

DIY on the Mississippi Delta

I've always thrived on learning off the cuff, being thrown to the wolves, sink or swim.

Back in the mid-90's I interviewed for a magnet crane operator job at a steel plant. I was clueless.

The head supervisor asked me, "Hey, you got any experience working with 5 ton plates of steel?".

"Not at all." I admitted. "Give me a chance though and I'll figure it out."

Submitted by Chris Hunt

Flooding impact on Yellowstone's fish still unknown

Under normal conditions, trout deal quite well with high water. During the worst of spring runoff, they stake out the calmer edies and the quiet water that might flow over a bottom that’s normally high and dry.

And it’s very likely that the trout dealing with the record flooding in Yellowstone National Park this week – an occurrence that park Superintendent Cam Sholly described Tuesday as a 1,000-year weather event – will be just fine.

At least in the short term. But Yellowstone’s fisheries story is nuanced. It’s not one where trout simply need water to get by. Over the last decade or so, the park’s fisheries biologists have dedicated their lives to improving and restoring the park’s native trout and grayling fisheries – an effort that taxpayers have helped fund and volunteers have helped execute.

This week’s record flooding that has destroyed homes, washed out normally reliable roads and pulled bridges from their pilings could also be setting the park’s native fish recovery efforts back, and it could be setting them back years.

During an online press call on Tuesday, Sholly understandably spent an hour with national media addressing the pressing issues. How is the park going to rebuild? How long will it take to reopen the gates, let alone the washed-out roads? Has anyone died (thankfully, no)? When will power be restored?

These are top-of-mind issues that require immediate attention from the superintendent who, also understandably, looked exhausted as Zoom blasted his image across the internet on Tuesday. These are the issues that need attention now.

Written questions about the park’s fisheries were not addressed Tuesday – the National Park Service has bigger fish to fry. But the time will come when Sholly and the park’s biologists will have to turn their attention to the state of Yellowstone’s native trout and grayling. And when they do, there’s no telling what they might find.

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