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Viewing video: How To: Use the Waste Band by SeaSucker Marine

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This is the Waste Band, made by SeaSucker Marine in Sarasota, FL. The Waste Band holds your trash bags or recycle bags on the boat, RV or camper. They will attach any smooth surface the patented SeaSucker mount can get a good seal.

In the video I have it mounted on the side of the boat and even on the underside of a lid to a live-well. This is a very convenient way of keeping your boat clean and not having a bunch of plastic bottles, cans or food wrappers to clean up out of the live-well when you are done with your day on the water.

The Waste Band comes in Black or White and comes in two sizes. The larger size can even be used as a clothes bin for wet bathing suits and towels.

Here is a link to the SeaSucker page learn more: SeaSucker Waste Band