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Wacky rigging for bass

         Wacky rigging for big bass

Everybody who fishes for the all elusive bass whether it be Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass or Spotted bass. We as fishermen/and women all know that soft plastics work extremely well if it's punching grass mats,flipping cover, fishing isolated cover, or even shakey head fishing on a hot summer day! 

Today I'm Here to tell you about a technique that many of us got started on at a very early age. a very simple yet very productive fishing set up. 

The wacky rig is an easy setup many anglers from beginners to the most experienced fishermen on the Bass Masters Elite Series use this technique. I typically use a wacky rig on 8lb or 10lb trilene fluorocarbon line and I get a little bit out of the box by using either a 3/0 or 4/0 offset worm hook instead of an actual wacky rig hook but I've seen both setups work.  To wacky rig you take your favorite hook tied on to your line then you take your favorite soft plastic for me that would be the Caseplastics magic stick in green pumpkin or watermelon or the case little magic stick in green pumpkin or bubblegum pink. Take the soft plastic of your choice usually a senko or stick bait and lay it horizontal take the tip of your hook and place it right through the middle of the soft plastic all while trying to conceal the tip of the hook so it leaves it snag free. Here's where a lot of people who fish the wacky rig run into problems the fish after 1-3 bites either steals the soft plastic or tears it beyond use. We all know baits aren't cheap and the majority of fishermen are just weekend warriors.  Let me introduce to you a very effective little tool that I love to use and helps you avoid the pain of having to replace all those soft Plastics. The Original O' Wacky tool saves you money, time and allows you to catch more fish on one single soft plastic than ever before. you can find it at The Original O'Wacky tool is a nice little tool that has been around for years and works extremely well, it is simple to use and it takes 30 seconds at most to rig. The Original O'wacky tool comes with O rings which keep your bait in place. Put your bait in the tube and slide the O ring on to your bait then slide the hook you have tied on between the bait and the O ring so that the bait does not come off or get torn. Once your wacky rig is set up cast it to your desired target let it slowly sink as wacky rigs are used weightless use the tip of your rod to give it the wacky action jigging it up and down a few times and sit back and watch as your rod start to bend and you feel that all addictive tug! Thank you for taking the time to read this article I really hope it helps you out on your next fishing trip. 

Nathan Reno 

About Nathan Reno

Nathan Reno is the Promotional Director at Tennessee fishing association and also a Pro staff at Zipper Worm Company.

According to Nathan, "I let nothing stand in my way of my goals dreams passions and living life to the fullest extent possible. I am currently chasing my lifelong dream to become a professional bass fisherman. When I was 11 years old I killed and still have the record for the 5th largest Corsican Ram in Texas history. I believe solely and truly I am here on this earth to prove that nothing is impossible if you put your mind body heart and soul into it and work for it you can achieve anything!"


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