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Evidence proving ethanol gasoline's deleterious effects on engines ranges from the anecdotal to the scientific. Every marine gasoline engine maker currently publishes warnings about the use of ethanol blend gas in the engines they build.

Basically, any intermittently used engine running on E10 is at risk. This could be a boat, a classic car, a dirt bike, even lawn equipment. All are cases in which the fuel is stored rather than turned over frequently. Stored can mean " winter storage" but it can also mean the fuel in the tank can sit for a month.

Now with a lawnmower or ATV, its easy enough to drain the tank between intermittent uses. It may even be easy for small boats. But many boats have tanks of 80-, 150-. 300-gallon capacity. Draining is not feasible. Nor should it be required.

Remember, additives and "stabilizers" will not keep ethanol-blend gasoline useable the way these chemicals allowed non-ethanol gas to be stored for 3 or more months.

And now the EPA wants to up the ethanol percentage from 10-percent ( E10) to 15-percent (e15).

Boating says "no." And we ask that you tell the EPA and your elected officials the same thing.

Click here for a link provided by Boaters United, a National Marine Manufacturer's group, that will automatically write a letter and send it to your officials for you.