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It Is Time to Clean Your Fishing Reels

We are so excited on our way home after a very fruitful fishing trip that we hardly remember to take a note of all the small little details. We clean the boats alright, really scrub them hard and wipe them shiny with a soft cloth to keep them shining but in the mean time we have completely forgotten that our fishing tackles also need proper care and maintenance, especially the fishing reels. These should be cleaned thoroughly so that they have a longer life spam. If you fish saltwater, you cannot just stack away the fishing gears casually. They need special attention.

Cleaning your fishing reel is not as complex a job as you are thinking. You have the reel diagram for reference while you are assembling and re assembling it. Prepare a work area. Now using a bucket of lukewarm water soapy water and a soft cloth or a sponge, wash down each section of the fishing tackles and clean them well so as to remove all the saltwater. Get a small nail brush and gently scrub around the reel and line guides as well as runners to remove any salt residue.

After having dried off the reel parts, you need to apply reel oil and grease, being careful of not overdoing it. All the crude and the gunk have to be cleaned as well from the drags. Apply a tiny amount of reel oil to them. Tighten them and release them after they have been re assembled. Fishing reels need a gentle care. The regular screwdrivers we use at home are not going to work for delicate fishing tools. You need to get a set of small screwdrivers and pliers.

In case you are not someone who is comfortable working with all these tools which are enough to intimidate you, you can always take them to a local fishing tackle shop and they will take care of the rest and make it as good as new. The very little money that they charge is worth every penny. All you have to do now is store them in a warm and dry area. You can also keep them in a lockable cupboard to keep them safe form some unwanted handling of your prized possession. Storage is also a part of maintaining your fishing equipments. If you want your fishing reels to have a long life, you need to take good care of them. Cleaning your reel once or twice a year is enough to make it work well.

So, instead of heading off to a fishing trip, only to find that just as you are about to hook that huge fish, your reel is not reeling in smooth and before you know it, you have lost the fish. That is something you would definitely not like to happen. To make sure that your fishing tackles works fine, especially the reel, start maintaining them on a regular basis instead of just stashing tem away somewhere in the garage only to be used again in the next fishing season. Follow these easy tips to make the most of your reels.       

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Every fisherman knows how important it is to keep the fishing tackles clean after every trip. Allan Simons being an ardent angler himself shares his ways of keeping the tackles clean in the above article.