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Locating Fish on the River

Mini pontoon boats are the way to go when you are looking for fish on the river. You can easily get into all those nooks and crannies that you just cannot get to in any other water craft. You may be wondering which swims will give you the best chance to catch the most fish. Here we will discuss what types of habitats river fish love the most and why. You can also learn how to identify these areas from above the water. With a keen eye and the right bait, you could really bring in a haul.

The first thing to do when you get to the river is look for signs of fish. Those little circles on top of the water are a dead giveaway as to where fish are hanging around. This will tell you if they are looming in the center or near the edges of the water. If the water is clear enough, you may be able to tell if the fish are hanging near the surface or deep on the bottom. This will help you to choose your lure.

If you do not visually spot a fish, or if the water is murky, then they may be at the bottom. The easiest way to tell is to look very closely at the water. Tiny bubbles, or fizz, will rise to the surface when fish are bottom feeding. This is because the fish need to release tiny bits of air to keep from floating up. Fizz will not only tell you that the fish are present, but also that they are looking for food and that you should use a lure that sinks.

Another way to tell that fish are on the bottom is to look for unusually muddy areas. If the water is clear and you see a muddy spot, then that is a sure sign that fish are stirring up the mud. If the water is already murky or muddy, the stirring up of mud on the bottom can still be spotted. Usually the mud that they are stirring is a slightly different color than the muddy particles floating in the river. You may even see rising clouds of mud if you look closely.

Fish generally look for cover, not only for protection, but also so they can camouflage themselves when they are looking to ambush their prey. For this reason, you can usually find fish along banks in still water. Look for grass or river reeds growing up through the water. Sometimes you will even see the grass move when a fish swims through it. Look for other things in the water that fish may want to use as their habitats. Stumps, downed trees and limbs make for likely spots. Fishermen have found that mini pontoon boats can safely get them into these areas without risking damage to their boats. Happy hunting!

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