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Service Provides $1.1 Billion to State Wildlife Agencies

Washington – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that it will distribute $1.1 billion in revenues generated by the hunting and angling industry to state and territorial fish and wildlife agencies throughout the nation. The funds support critical fish and wildlife conservation and recreation projects that benefit all Americans.

The Service apportions the funds to all 50 states and U.S. territories through the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration and Dingell-Johnson Sport Fish Restoration programs. Revenues come from excise taxes generated by the sale of sporting firearms, ammunition, archery equipment, fishing equipment, electric boat motors, and from taxes on the purchase of motorboat fuel.

“These funds are the cornerstone of state-based efforts that are critical to the preservation of America’s wildlife and natural resources,” said Service Director Dan Ashe. “But they are also the fuel for a massive financial engine that benefits outdoor recreationists, hunters, boaters and anglers, equipment manufacturers and retailers, and local and regional economies. Their value cannot be overstated in providing opportunities for the next generation of Americans to get outdoors, experience our wild places and learn the importance of conserving our natural heritage.”

Pittman Robertson-Dingell Johnson funds are distributed by the Service’s Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program. Since their inception, the programs have generated more than $15 billion to conserve fish and wildlife resources and support outdoor recreation opportunities for the American public. The recipient State fish and wildlife agencies have matched these funds with more than $5 billion over the years, mostly through hunting and fishing license revenues.

“The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program provides critical funding for conservation projects and outdoor recreation activities across this great nation,” said Assistant Director Hannibal Bolton of the Service’s Wsfr program. “I can’t stress enough that the key to the program’s success is through our dedicated partnerships with State agencies, non-government organizations and many others.” “It is thanks to this significant financial investment made by America’s sportsmen and women and the hunting, shooting sports, angling and boating industries that state and territorial fish and wildlife agencies can deliver science-based conservation on the ground,” said Larry Voyles, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies President and Arizona Game and Fish Department Director. “The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program has made the difference between the survival and abundance of some species and it helps agencies, like mine, manage a vast estate of lands and waters and connect more people to wildlife-related recreation.”

Below is a state-by-state listing of the Service’s final apportionment of Wildlife Restoration Funds and Sport Fish Restoration funds for Fiscal Year 2015. To learn more about the Service’s Wsfr program visit:


Alabama   $25,562,321

Alaska   $51,951,630

American Samoa   $2,502,516

Arizona   $27,219,443

Arkansas   $19,403,525

California   $44,134,573

Colorado   $28,516,034

Connecticut   $9,242,606

Delaware   $8,232,316

District Of Columbia   $1,155,056

Florida   $25,607,039

Georgia   $25,236,594

Guam   $2,502,516

Hawaii   $8,232,316

Idaho   $21,670,126

Illinois   $23,783,360

Indiana   $18,386,530

Iowa   $16,502,569

Kansas   $19,984,814

Kentucky   $19,623,501

Louisiana   $22,570,941

Maine   $11,872,265

Maryland   $11,140,015

Massachusetts   $11,131,347

Michigan   $37,569,842

Minnesota   $37,850,616

Mississippi   $15,109,447

Missouri   $29,783,609

Montana   $29,781,997

N. Mariana Islands   $2,502,516

Nebraska   $17,608,725

Nevada   $19,340,531

New Hampshire   $8,232,316

New Jersey   $11,131,347

New Mexico   $22,125,164

New York   $28,927,341

North Carolina   $31,320,942

North Dakota   $16,004,762

Ohio   $24,084,830

Oklahoma   $25,729,133

Oregon   $26,047,277

Pennsylvania   $37,974,470

Puerto Rico   $7,024,381

Rhode Island   $8,232,316

South Carolina   $15,674,905

South Dakota   $19,016,379

Tennessee   $31,366,355

Texas   $54,850,661

Utah   $20,944,045

Vermont   $8,232,316

Virgin Islands   $2,502,516

Virginia   $19,431,901

Washington   $22,215,325

West Virginia   $12,088,070

Wisconsin   $36,479,149

Wyoming   $19,662,264