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Fishing Knots and Fishing Reels for Saltwater Fishing

All those are into fishing know for sure that there are a different set of salt water fishing reels for saltwater fishing alone. Not only are the reels, but also there some specific set of knots too! Even after waiting for may be some couple of hours you might not get a single fish, and at times, if you are lucky enough you might go home for dinner early with some great big catch.

Salt water fishing as the name suggests is fishing in a salt water body- like a sea or an ocean. Some are of the view that it is easier to fish in the saltwater than in fresh water. You actually widen your choice of catching a fish in the saltwater. It is thus a good place to start for the beginners.

If you want to go saltwater fishing, you have to come prepared. You will not only need a different set of saltwater fishing reel but also have to learn a few fishing knots that will come in handy. Let us look at the specific set of set of saltwater fishing reels.

Spin Reels: These are also known as fixed spool reels as they have a fixed spool attached to it just below the fishing rod. These reels were originally made keeping in mind the fake flies and different kinds of bait. Spin reels are very useful in situations when you need a longer casting range.  If you are planning to go fly fishing, this is the reel for you. These spinning reels are good for salmon and trout.

Fly Reels:  A manual design, single action reel such as the fly reel s one of the most simplistic reels. They are generally larger than any other type of reel, making it easier to be useful in oceans and seas. To prevent corrosion from salt water, these reels are made from stainless steel or advanced aluminum. Though these fly reels contain water proof components, they must be carefully sealed to keep out salt water.

Bait cast Reels: One of the most difficult reels to cast with, bait cast reels comes in wide verities. It is a tough rod that can handle abuse day in and day out. Bigger models are useful when you are targeting a huge fish like the marlin, sailfish, tuna and sharks. Since you can control the cast using your thumb, pinpoint accuracy is possible.

Spin cast Reels:  One of the easiest and typically inexpensive type of reel is the spin cast reel. These are mounted on top of the rod and used by casual anglers. They have an enclosed ‘nosecone' where the line comes out of the reel. These are light weight reels and have a fairly limber action.       

It is obvious that since we are using a different type of fishing reel when it comes to saltwater fishing, the fishing knots also need to be stronger so as to complement the fishing rods and reels. The most commonly used are the Blood knot, Snell knot Conventional Uni knot, Palomar knot and a host of others.  

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As an expert fisherman hirself, Allan Simons wants to help out other fishing enthusiasts by writing helpful articles about the different types of fishing reels and fishing knots.