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Getting To Know Surface Fishing Lures

As the name suggests fishing lures are used to catch the fish's attention by movement, color and vibration so that it bites the hook. It is attached to the end of a fishing line that is designed to resemble the prey of a fish. Generally used with fishing reel and a fishing rod and id cast out and retrieved, making the lure swim and produce a popping action at the same time. Earlier fishing lures were made of bronze and bones and the lures as we know them today were made commercially in the United States and that too in the early 1900s in Michigan.

To begin with, surface fishing lures make a great show. The fish actually jumps out of the water to take the bait. These lures are great fun to use.  No wonder catching a fish on a surface lure is considered as a fairly exciting form of fishing. These fishing lures are designed to pop, lock, waddle, pulse, twitch or fizz across the surface of the water. These movements imitate the movements of the preys like moths, mice lizards, frogs or even a small injured fish. It is generally made out of plastic or wood, it also has one or two treble hooks and an eyelet at the front of the lure to attach a fishing line.

Surface fishing lures come in almost all sizes and colors. Spoons, spinners, jerk baits, soft baits, jigging lures, casting lures are just to name a few. Surface lures are especially used for bass fishing. Deeper lakes are not conducive to bass fishing. You have to pick the best location to get a bass on a surface lure. It is important to pick the lures which imitate the local food sources, and fishing in the peak time of the activity is sure to get you some good bass on the hooks.

The size of the surface lure you choose also determines your fishing success. You would not use something very tiny for a big bass or catfish or muskie that even the fish can't spot it! Similarly lures are available in different colors, you should know when to use lure of what particular color. Whether the bright metallic spoons or the dark colored plastic lures depends on what time of the day you are on a fish hunt. When to use what kind of a lure may seem a tad bit puzzling, but with time one can soon be a pro at it.

One mistake all anglers make irrespective of whether they are pros or just beginner is that they strike too fast. One has to wait till he can feel the weight of the fish at the end of the line. Anglers must refrain from striking just when they see the waves and splashes on the water. Lowering the tip a bit towards the water helps for sure. It is time consuming no doubt but there is no greater feeling than having to strike after feeling the weight of the fish hooked under water. Using surface lures to fish is a very thrilling and exhilarating experience and make sure you don't let go of the opportunity. 

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