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Going Fishing At Night

We anglers are well aware of the best times to go fishing and after dark definitely top the list. Just after the hours after sunset and after dark, the fish are biting, and you also get the boat ramp all to yourself. You can fish in peace, in solitude and there is something so magical and mystical about fishing at night, like all your fatigue and tiredness vanish in a split second once you get a chance to go fishing at night. However there are certain things that you should keep in mind while on an after hours fishing trip.

Keep enough floatation devices onboard and make sure that it is accessible. Also they should be of the right size if you are not fishing alone. If you are going fishing on a boat, you need to be extra careful. If you are not confident enough about operating a boat, you should not venture out in the dark even if it is the same old lake. Make sure that your boat has proper and functioning lights. Carrying a flashlight and some extra batteries will do you a world of good. At some places, it is illegal to fish with artificial lights on, consult with the local department of game and fish department and follow the rules and regulations.

GPS is a life saver when it comes to night fishing, but it is not a great idea to go and buy one the day before you are going out on a night fishing trip. If you are new to a GPS, it is going to take a considerable amount of time to get familiar with its operations and functions. You would not want to read the instruction manual when it is pitch dark and chances are you are lost. Even if it is your very own hometown lake, it pays to learn about the water depth, the boat ramps, the directions etc. If you can get hold of a local fishing guide to accompany you at night, nothing like it. Not only he is an expert fisherman but his tips will come in handy for sure.

Before you leave home, let someone back onshore know about where you are going and when can they expect you to be back. In case something goes wrong, he or she will at least know where to go looking for you. You would also want to keep all your fishing gears, tools and accessories ready, the lures, the rods and reels, lines, everything. There is nothing more frustrating than having to arrange all of it in the dark on a boat. Don't forget to carry your fishing license as well.

Since you would be venturing out in the dark, make sure you have all that you need with you. From first aid kits to enough food and drinking water, a cell phone may be-just for emergency, a bug spray, a few extra lures, lines etc. Dress appropriately, preferably full sleeved shirts and pants. It goes without saying that you need to keep a track of the weather. If there is a storm approaching or some bad weather heading your way, postpone your fishing trip and stay put. Be safe and Tight Lines

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