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Tips for Fishing at Night

For some fishing at night is actually more fun for so many anglers out there. Yes, you need to be more careful and take care of a lot of things before you head out but it is all worth the trouble. It is so peaceful and serene at night and when you get a big catch, the joy is unbelievable.

Night fishing is fun for sure but the most important thing here is your safety. You need the light to be kept running. If you don't have lights, other boaters and fisherman would be unable to see you. Whether you have anchored, sitting still or moving you need to have the lights on. Use the spotlight to watch the water ahead of you. But keep in mind that spotlight kills side vision and hurts night vision. If it happens to be a bright night, keep the spotlight turned off.

Keep a flashlight handy for tying knots, hooking fish and finding other small things on the boat. Better still keep it in your pocket or a specific holder so that you can find it quickly when needed.

It is essential to keep your fishing tackle to a minimum when you are fishing at night. Only carry the few essentials like your heavy bass tackle at home if you are going looking for crappie. Make sure you keep your net safe in a place so that you don't trip over it but find it easily when required. At night you should not be carrying dozens of rods and reels, leave them at home. When it comes to tackle, carry only a few. Some dark colored lures will do. Crank baits, plastic worms and spinner baits are all you will need.

Keep can keep your live baits in a built in container, keep the earthworms in a small container. A few sinkers, hooks and corks in a small plastic box will be enough when you are fishing at night.

While you are preparing for that night fishing trip, monitor the weather. Keep a weather radio handy. Dress appropriately but carry warm clothes just in case. Also carry a rain gear, the weather is unpredictable.

A first aid kit is an indispensable item on a boat no matter at what time of the day you are going fishing; day or night. A few waterproof bandages, and antiseptic lotion or cream, cotton and aspirins should do it. You are prone to get into an accident at night, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Since you would be going fishing at night, it is advisable to carry an effective bug spray. You don't want to spend the night swatting bugs instead of fishing peacefully. Taking a fishing guide along with you is a good idea.

Keeping a cell phone in a Ziploc bag is a good idea. Who would call you at night when people know you have gone fishing! A cell phone is all you need to make that emergency call back home in case a situation arises.

In course of getting all worked up for going out night fishing, you must not forget all about checking your boat and the motor and whether they are working fine rather working perfectly. It could take hours to fix your boat at night.

Tight Lines and happy fishing!

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