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Watch this heartwarming story about an angler teaching a pelican to fish.  The pelican in this video is named Big Bird. He was separated from his flock during a large storm so the people at this safari camp decided to take Big Bird in.

The camp manager, Jeffrey, went above and beyond in the care for this pelican. He not only saved this pelican’s life but he made sure that he could transition into his new one.

Jeffrey took Big Bird out fishing every morning in order for him to learn to fish in the wild. In the video, you can see just how close the two are. Bigbird uses Jeffrey as a perch, a bed, and a playground.

How cool is it to see such a large bird be so comfortable around people? The best part about it is that Big Bird is actually successful. He goes out and he catches a fish himself.

You can hear how proud Jeffrey is when Big Bird comes back with a fish in his gullet. The relationship between Jeffrey and Big Bird has been rewarding for both of them.

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably never seen a GoPro on the bill of a pelican soaring through the air. That’s what makes this video special, it’s something that we have never seen before.

GoPro’s slogan is “Be a hero.”

Jeffrey is definitely a hero in Big Bird’s book.