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Unnecessary Treble Hooks

Removing unnecessary treble hooks from hardbody lures, soft molded lures, or hybrid lures.

safe Angling Practice #8:

Removing unnecessary treble hooks from hardbody lures, such as crankbaits, minnowbaits, and even some swimbaits, lessens the chance of a hook other than the one that has hooked the fish from getting caught in the fish’s eye or gills or even body while landing it.

The benefit to the angler is the ability to more quickly and easily release the fish, esp. one caught using a landing net, and the lure is less apt to have multiple treble hooks snagged in the netting.

Quick release is also beneficial to anglers who are onto a hot bite, who are looking to get out another cast before the bite slows or dies.

Removing an unnecessary treble hook, such as a tail hook or body hook from a crankbait, is not an uncommon practice in some fishing circles, as it causes less harm to the fish in their waters. Some anglers, like pike fishermen, even replace the treble hooks some of their lures with single hooks to prevent less damage to the fish and for a quicker release during a hot bite.