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Using Heavy Leaders for Toothy Critters

Using Fluorocarbon, steel, titanium, or heavy monofilament leaders when fishing for "toothy critters", such as pike and musky.

SAFE Angling Practice #4:

Fish such as pike and musky have extremely sharp, dagger-like teeth filling their mouths. Due to the particular knife-like shape of their teeth, coupled with their strong jaws, they are able to tear, puncture, and rip the flesh of their prey. As would be expected, they are also easily capable of cutting and biting off even heavier fishing line.

Leaders such as Fluorocarbon, steel, titanium, and sometimes heavy monofilament help prevent bite-offs from such fish, which leaves the angler frustrated and the fish with terminal tackle dangling from its mouth. A study, bite-proof leader on the end of saves the angler from losing a great and exciting catch, and saves the fish from having a lure or various other terminal tackle permanently lodged in it’s mouth, which can impede feeding, create infection by preventing the wound from healing, or get caught on some underwater structure, all of which can lead to the fish’s death.

A leader appropriate to the type of fish being targeted can give the angler more confidence in his or her fishing, knowing with relative certainty that once caught, they are more easily able to control the fish without fear of a bite-off.