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Galveston Bay Report

February is starting off great. Cold fronts and high pressure continue to hit Galveston keeping water temps cold and making the low pressure days between the fronts outstanding. 2/8/16 I was with a great angler by the name of Aaron Grimes, with hard north to north west winds and that being his only day off we decided to give it a shot until the weather blew us off the water. Launching a little late so I could show him how to navigate a area new to him we were off to spot A with as hard as the wind was already blowing we had limited options this day, as we got to spot A there was already two guys wading that area so we stayed on the move to spot B. As soon as we got out of the boat we saw good amounts of bait in the area and knew if the wind would cooperate we would have a decent day. Things started out slow both of us throwing corky fat boys over deep mud and shell but as soon as we got down to some active bait we began to get some good bites and after a few missed hook ups we finally broke the ice with a solid trout to put on the stringer. When I'm wading and I can tell things are going to tough and slow ill slow my wading pace down big time to make sure I don't over walk the fish in hard conditions which is exactly what we did here. First fish on the stringer we planted our feet and stood still slowly pecking away getting a few more on the stringer and missing a lot of hook ups due to the fish just slapping at the baits. After we both had a few on the stringer it was slowing down so we walked another 10-20 yards moving slow until we hammered another trout and again we planted our feet and began string more fish. Aaron hooks up with a fish and says oh man Kevin this is a good fish as it peels off a large amount of line. I quickly reeled in and eased my way over to him to take a look at what was on the other end of his line as he says man Kev this fish is solid! After a good battle Aaron had the fish on the bogs grips and I said hold it up let's get a measurement, she went 28" on the rod and 7lbs on the boga a true trophy in anyone's book. We took a few pics and quickly released her to fight another day. After the excitement was over we back to our pattern working our corkys down the shoreline with the outgoing tide and shortly after we had a full limit of keeper trout. I told Aaron let's move around some and see if we can find a few more big fish. At the next spot we got out of the boat and began wading down the shoreline after about an hour goes by I'm loosing faith not seeing much bait or getting any bites I'm fixing to throw in the towel when all the sudden I get smashed set the hook and nothing there I get frustrated but hey that's fishing but like before I planted my feet and stood still. Right after that Arron gets smashed and sets the hook nothing again at this point we are both determined to catch a fish here so we grinded it out and finally I set the hook to a trout and she ripped drag ran at me ripped drag ran at me after a few minutes a had a solid 26" almost 6lb  trout on the boga and after a quick picture she was released. The very next cast Aaron hooked up and did the dance with another solid fish who went 25" 5lbs! All in all we had a great day on the water having full limits of trout by 11am and releasing a 28",26" and a 25" trout! 
  If anyone wants to get on the water and wade for some good trout fishing please give me a call or text. 
Captain Kevin Roberts 


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