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A Quick Insight Into Crappie Fishing

One of the most popular and productive types of fishing is fishing for crappie. While the aggressiveness of fish such as bass and carp might make it harder for beginners to catch anything, fishermen are able to enjoy crappie fishing.

As such, the popularity of crappie fishing has surged in North America in the last few decades.

Crappies are freshwater fish that can be found in several lakes and rivers across America and are known to be incredibly delicious.

Whether they are baked, fried, or sautéed, crappie is considered to be some of the best eating fish that you can catch.

Here is some interesting information to help you get started with crappie fishing...

There are two types of species of crappies that are available in North America:

  • The white crappie (Pomoxis annularis)
  • The black crappie (Pomoxis nigromaculatu)

Black crappies have blotches and irregular dark speckles on their sides. White crappies usually have dark markings that consist of vertical bars.

Black crappies generally have a wider body as compared to the white ones.

However, during the spawning season, it is difficult to differentiate the fish as males of both species can develop dark markings on their bodies.

Crappies belong to the same family as sunfish and black bass and like their counterparts are nest builders.

White crappies are known to grow more quickly than black crappies although both varieties of fish can live up to eight years.

Crappies are hard to locate and often come as a challenge for fisherman. They are one of the most difficult species of fish to reel in, as they put up a strong fight and the angler really needs to put in his strength to draw them out of the water.

Crappies can be caught with any type of fishing gear. For bait, anything from a simple jig to a medium-size minnow will work.

Black crappies seem to prefer insects or crustaceans rather than other fish. White crappies however, will be drawn to insects, minnows and other small fish.

It is wise to invest in several types of bait so that you can gain experience with them. Crappies are known to have small mouths, so it is wise to invest in smaller baits.

It is essential to be aware of crappie habits. The temperature of the water is known to affect their breeding and feeding habits.

When the temperature is low, they migrate to deeper water. During the spring season, they can easily be found in shallow water.

When fishing, ensure that you are fishing in clear water so that the crappies can see the bait with ease. Clear water makes it easier to catch crappies. Also fish at places where streams meet the lake. Fishing in these areas will make it easier to catch crappies since female crappies lay their eggs in these areas.