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The Largest Free-Range Whitetail Ever Harvested on Camera

Earlier this week, we shared a story about a jaw-dropping 258-inch whitetail taken in Iowa by hunter Joe Franz and Trophy Pursuit cameraman Derek Wilkerson. According to the team, the behemoth buck is the largest free-range whitetail ever killed on film. Trophy Pursuit recently released video and more details of the hunt, and we have to say, we’re amazed.

Hunter Joe Franz smoked the massive deer, now dubbed the “Franz Buck,” with a muzzleloader on Oct. 12 on his free-range farm in Iowa. Trophy Pursuit maintains the hunt was 100 percent fair-chase on free-range property. Here’s the footage and story of the once-in-a-lifetime hunt.

If you’re short on time, start at the 5:00 marker.

Author: Matt Alpert, Wide Open Spaces