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Using Worms For Fishing - 3 Tips That Will Help You Catch More Fish

Worms are probably the most readily available and popular forms of bait that is available to fishermen. Ever since fishing began, human beings have been using worms as bait, and with good reason. Worms are effective when used as bait for virtually all species of freshwater fish and therefore continue to be employed by generation after generation. I am obviously refereeing to live fishing worms such as night crawlers, red worms, etc. and not plastic worms such as the ones that are used by large mouth bass fishermen.

What's interesting about the fact that worms are such a popular bait for fishing is that most anglers don't use worms as effectively as they could when they are fishing and therefore miss out on a ton of opportunities. I have been using worms for fishing for more than 20 years and in that time have learned many tips and tricks that have helped me to take my "worm fishing" to the next level. Below I will list 3 of these tips, all of which will help you catch more fish anytime that worms are being used as bait.

  • Use Lively Worms - Worms that are "lively" will always outperform worms that are dying and therefore not as lively. This fact is true whether you are using an entire night crawler or red worm or you are using a large fishing worm that has been pinched in half. In order to keep your worms "lively" they should be stored in as cool/dark environment as possible and never in a hot environment.

  • Rig The Worm Naturally - This is where many anglers get "off track" when it comes to using worms for fishing. Many anglers think that simply wrapping a worm around a hook is good enough, and while this might fool your smaller, more inexperienced fish, it is by no means the most effective way to rig a worm for fishing. Firstly an entire worm (such as a night crawler) should rarely be used when fishing, rather the worm should be pinched in half to make the worm a more manageable size for the fish. Secondly the worm should be rigged in an outstretched and natural manner the way it appears naturally. By doing these two things your bait will appear much more realistic and natural to the fish you are attempting to catch and thus you will receive more bites.

  • Use An Effective Carrier - This tip applies mainly to fishermen who like to wade and fish with worms. In this case, carrying your worms while fishing is a bit of a pain in the butt. A bait bag should be used, which is simply a small pouch that clips to your fishing vest, and the worms are added to while you are fishing. This way your bait is always "at your fingertips" ready to be used, which saves a ton of valuable fishing time while you are on the water.

Add these simple tips to your fishing repertoire and the next time that you are using worms for fishing you will experience more success, I guarantee it.

Trevor Kugler is co-founder of JRWfishing a website focused on river and stream fishing with a focus on fishing for trout. He has more than 25 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and has spent much of that time fishing in small rivers and streams.

About Trevor Kugler

Co-founder of and an avid angler. He has more than 25 years experience fishing for all types of fish with an emphasis on trout and small mouth bass fishing in rivers and streams. He currently raises his seven year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country...Montana!