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Trout Fishing Techniques - Spin Fishing With Artificial Flies

For trout fishermen who use ultralight spin fishing gear like I do, the idea of fishing with artificial flies often seems like some sort of "pipe dream", but as I learned about five years ago, this doesn't have to be the case. As a matter of fact spin fishing with artificial flies is one of the most effective trout fishing techniques that there is, and should be added to every serious ultralight trout fisherman's repertoire.

Below, I will outline the two most popular and effective techniques for spin fishing with artificial flies, so that you can choose which one will work best for you. If you fish for trout often, I would suggest that you learn both techniques so that you will be prepared no matter where you are fishing for trout. Trout fishing takes place in to types of water. Still water such as you will find in a lake or pond, and flowing water such as a river or stream. Although the following techniques can be interchanged to a certain degree, for the most part they are most effective when fished in the category that they are being listed in.

  1. Rivers & Streams - When you are spin fishing for trout in a river or stream a common trout fishing technique that many trout fishermen employ is called drift fishing. Drift fishing involves allowing your bait or lure to "drift" naturally with the current of the river or stream that is being fished, often while "bouncing" along the bottom. While trout fishing lures such as small spinners and spoons are often used while drift fishing, what many people don't realize is that artificial flies (usually streamers) can also be utilized while drift fishing. Just add a few split shot sinkers to your line above the streamers which will add weight to the line for casting. The streamer is allowing to drift with the current and then retrieved quickly (often using a "jerky" motion) when the streamer reaches the end of the drift.

  2. Lakes & Ponds - When you are spin fishing for trout in a lake or pond you are often "still fishing" with bait or casting and retrieving an trout lure of some sort. Well, the second way of spin fishing with artificial flies involves using something called a casting bubble which gives you the ability to add weight to your line (using the bubble), to make casting and retrieving lightweight artificial flies possible. Once mastered, using a casting bubble to fish artificial flies is one of the most effective trout fishing techniques that you will ever come across. Streamers, dry flies, and even nymphs can all be fished effectively by a spin fisherman with the help of a casting bubble.

The bottom line is that when it comes to trout fishing techniques for spin fishermen, artificial flies don not have to be a trout bait that's "off of the table". With the aforementioned techniques this very effective trout bait can be utilized by the ultralight spin fisherman as well.

Trevor Kugler is president of JRWfishing, a website dedicated to ultra light fishing, with an emphasis on ultra light river fishing. He currently raises his nine year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country, Montana. Learn how to catch more and bigger trout virtually every time that you go fishing with his new e-book.

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