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Latest fishing show

  • Wild Dakota

    Wild …"a natural state of existence" Dakota … "friends, family, allies" Wild Dakota … "the celebration of existence of us and nature, creating memories of a lifetime to be shared with friends, family, and people of like interests!"
    Midco Sports net Sundays 9:30am and My UTV Saturdays 1:00 pm KCPO & KCPM Sundays 4:00pm

    36 episodes May 07 2015
  • Sporting Dog Adventures TV

    Jeff Fuller, owner of Soggy Acres Retrievers and Host/Executive Producer of SportingDog Adventures TV, always loved dogs, but never imagined making a career out of it. Fuller had a successful career in law enforcement with the Muskego Police Department before an injury in the line of duty ended his career. Looking for a new path

    5 episodes Jan 01 2015
  • The Obsession of Carter Andrews

    Carter Andrews is not into fishing for recreation, money, fame or records. He is into fishing because he has no choice. He is the victim of an all-consuming obsession---one that has him on the water 300 days a year, from Panama to the Snake River; the Louisiana Gulf Coast to Russia. The power of his obsession is strong enough to…

    13 episodes Jan 01 2014
  • Extreme Angler

    Extreme Angler TV has taken great pride in creating one of the industries leading brands that entertains, educates and inspires the 'Next Generation'. Every episode offers the home viewer a realistic insight about techniques, equipment and strategies involved in fishing at an up-tempo pace with cutting edge, innovative ent…

  • Lee Rayner's Fishing Edge

    Lee Rayner's Fishing Edge is a down to earth fishing program that places an emphasis on the DIY aspects of fishing while entertaining viewers.