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Help: Comcode

Comcode is used for formatting input data (the data marked as being comcode).

The title for this page and smaller title below were generated using [title]Comcode help[/title] and [title="2"]Lists[/title]


The list shown on the right is generated using the Comcode below.
Numbers are used on the list to provide a frame of reference – your lists would have text rather than numbers.

A list
 - 1
 - 2
  - 2.1
   - 2.1.1
  - 2.2
 - 3

A list
  • 1
  • 2
    • 2.1
      • 2.1.1
    • 2.2
  • 3


Emoticons are inputted just by entering the emoticon code :)

Code Image
:angryfisherman: :angryfisherman:
:coolfisherman: :coolfisherman:
:reallybadday: :reallybadday:
:constipated: :constipated:
:polefishing: :polefishing:
:upsidedown: :upsidedown:
:dayplanner: :dayplanner:
:puppyeyes: :puppyeyes:
:christmas: :christmas:
:surrender: :surrender:
:depressed: :depressed:
:fishhard: :fishhard:
:fishlove: :fishlove:
:offtopic: :offtopic:
:birthday: :birthday:
:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
:fishing: :fishing:
:whistle: :whistle:
:sinner: :sinner:
:shutup: :shutup:
:sleepy: :sleepy:
:badday: :badday:
:thumbs: :thumbs:
:guitar: :guitar:
:cyborg: :cyborg:
:hippie: :hippie:
:ninja2: :ninja2:
:rockon: :rockon:
:msfish: :msfish:
:sarcy: :sarcy:
:flirt: :flirt:
:drool: :drool:
:ninja: :ninja:
:party: :party:
:devil: :devil:
:shake: :shake:
:boat: :boat:
:cool: :cool:
:slow: :slow:
:sick: :sick:
:hand: :hand:
:nerd: :nerd:
:king: :king:
:dry: :dry:
:zzz: :zzz:
:nod: :nod:
:wub: :wub:
:lol: :lol:
O_o O_o
:'( :'(
^_^ ^_^
(K) (K)
:@ :@
:S :S
:$ :$
;) ;)
:| :|
:D :D
:o :o
:( :(
:) :)
:P :P


Shortcuts are also entered just by inputting their code (c)


Code blocks

[code="php"] function ocp()
   echo "Example PHP syntax highlighting";
} [/code]

PHP code

function ocp()
"Example PHP syntax highlighting";


You can put inline images into your text easily and quickly, with the [img] tag. There is also a thumbnail tag [thumb] which will show (and cache) a thumbnail of an image. If the tag is given a URL as a parameter as well as the main URL, then that will be used as the thumbnail.

[img="Logo"][/img] Logo


Long text which isn't naturally breakable into lines is forced into pieces.


JavaScript script tags, onX handlers and URLs will all be filtered/blocked. Don't use them unless you want the staff to be alerted to a suspected hacking attempt!


[url="This is a link"][/url]This is a link
[email="My E-Mail"][/email]My E-Mail
[page="cms:cms"]Content Management[/page]Content Management


[box="my table"]Testing boxes[/box]

my table

Testing boxes


[font param="Helvetica" size="12" color="red"]text[/font] text

Scientific notation



You can use attachments with a number of different comcode forms. The attachment tags are automatically inserted into your Comcode when you choose an attachment, and you may re-arrange them to move the attachments around; you may also wish to change the width, height, description, or set the type to 'download'. After adding your attachments you may re-use them in other pieces of comcode, and the attachment will exist until all references are deleted.

Attachments may be movies, flash animations, audio, images or general downloads. The website automatically decides how to treat your attachment.

Users may add attachments according to their quota, and re-use other people's attachments according to privileges.


[hide="Secret"]This is an example of hidden text.[/hide]

Expand: Secret Secret

[reference type="url" param="Wikipedia"][/reference]

Reference source: Wikipedia

[quote param="Philip"]This is an example of a quote.[/quote]

Philip said

This is an example of a quote.
[staff_note]This isn't rendered (not even for staff), but is saved. Staff can view it when editing the comcode.[/staff_note]

Custom Comcode tags

These Custom Comcode tags have been added by the staff…

Title Description Example
Embed Facebook videos Embed Facebook videos into your content. [facebook_video][/facebook_video]
Embed YouTube videos Embed YouTube videos into your content. [youtube][/youtube]